What decides your chances of getting an item?


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What decides your chances of getting an item?

First, I think I should give you a reason for why I am posting this:

I've been doing HellMeph for about a week now with about 500 mf. I'd estimate that I've been doing about 20-30 runs a day. So that is about 100-150 runs. For the first 2-3 days, Meph wasn't dropping that badly, but nothing good. Of course, I realized that he WAS dropping uniques and sets, just crappy ones (can you say Isenheart?). Then, the last two days it just got weird. For some reason (yes, I still had the same EXACT mf, no change), Meph was not dropping a single unique or set item. Not even one. He was dropping stuff like gold, Arrows, and Scrolls. I was pretty freaked, so I started asking a lot of friends of mine what the problem could have been. One person said it was luck, but really, I didn't feel too much like believing that. 40-60 runs and only stuff like Scrolls, Magic Items, Rares, and Gold. How is that just luck? One other person told me that it was because I had to get over 600 mf to do anything, but I doubted that. The last person said that it was because your mf has to correspond with your cLevel. I didn't really think that was true, but then again, my friend (at the same level as me) had less mf, and he was mfing things like Skullders, Stormshields, etc. quite a bit. He said he was finding lots of Reaper Tolls too (which he showed me, to my jealousy... :rolleyes: ).

So, my question is: does your cLevel have to correspond with your mf number for it to actually work?

I am cLevel 77 with, as I said, about 500 mf. My equipment is:

Tals Armor w/ ptopaz
Tals Ammy
Tals Belt
Shako w/ ptopaz
Gull/Rhyme or Wizzy/Lidless for tele
Chance Guards

So...what's wrong?


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Clvl has nothing to do with it.

Here's the process...

- Game generates random number, checks to see what base item type drops (or no-drop)
- Game generates random number, factors in MF, and checks what quality of item it should be (Unique, Set, Rare, Magic)
- Repeat until all drops complete.

Like all Act Bosses (and, indeed, monsters) Meph has the annoying habit of dropping scrolls, potions and other junk (ie. items that can't even be magical).

Magic and Rare items can be 'failed' Set or Unique items. If a Magic item has double durability, it's a failed Set. If a Rare item has triple durability, it's a failed Unique. This means that the game generated a Set/Unique but couldn't produce one (with Meph, this is because there's no such item, eg. a Set Spear), so instead it creates a lower-quality item.

Wait awhile and try again - maybe next set of runs will produce a whole string of godly items :)


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Ok, just making sure. I was about to take off some MF becasue I thougth it was actually making me worse. Heh, time to show off that my friend was wrong.

Meh, maybe you're right and Meph will suddenly decide to drop me a SS and an Occy =).


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Shade said:
Like all Act Bosses (and, indeed, monsters) Meph has the annoying habit of dropping scrolls, potions and other junk (ie. items that can't even be magical).
Well, all Act Bosses except for Andariel and Duriel, with their bugged quest drops. Or have they fixed that on the realms? (I've only run them in Single Player)


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Shade is theoretically right but I understand your doubts and your friends´ "mf-fictions" :lol:
It happened to me too that a chr who in the beginning had been an excelent m-finder just stopped to find anything of value. I´m still not sure if "just bad luck" theory is right. Clvl have nothing to do with it though - I´m sure. The most amasing for me event happend when I went abroad and played in internet café with my ama:
This char was a typical "burnt up" m-finder. With her mf>450 and tons of high lvl kills she never got any drop better than low lvl sets or Eld runes or scrapy charms (I know it does not depend on mf - I want only say that it was generally low t-class). Being abroad I entered tower in act 1 and after 5 min of playing I found: bk ring, 15 all res/31%gold GC, Ko rune from Contness and Oculus from a chest on the same lwl. She continued to find good a couple of days and than was it halt again. :scratch:
Meph´s drops always are a gambling. My first NM-Meph in v .10 droped buri and one of his bosses almost perfect Gold Strike. After that, first time kills in NM and hell gave me Ceglaw´s glowes and other stuff like this.
I have a mf sorc (427 mf) who can do Meph extremally fast ---> big number of runs ---> better insigt in really statistics. What I can see is following:
1.He drops average 1.5 unique/set per run - mostly low lvl.
2.I get 1 keeper/50 runs (it´s very individual what "keeper" is :lol: but I generally mean tradables and elite uniques/sets - midle runes+ - tradable rares)
3.Periods of bed luck happens but I can´t find any connetion to anythihg. After some time I have some good luck again. (with "periods of bad luck" I mean 10 - 50 runs when I find low lvl items only and no or very fiew worhless uniques/sets/rares).

Oh... It was my longest post ever. :howdy: