what could i do to improve my druid?


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what could i do to improve my druid?

sorry to bother, i just need some advice

im LV 85 at the moment, and i was wondering if you guys could give me some advice, i feel im lacking DMG, and i feel i really need to improve my Resitances REALLY need to improve those haha.

i play US WEST NL,

well here is my account...


my equip is

wepon-HOTO (almost perfect)
Helm- Shako
Ammy- Rune Heart (cool druid amy with +1 elem skills)
Armour- Almost Perfect enigma (dusk shroud)
Sheild- Stormsheild
Boots- Silkweave (want to get better boots)
Rings-Goul Turn
-Raven Frost
Gloves-Lava Gout (need to change these LMAO)
Belt- dont even ask LOL i found it in norm and i havent changed it because i dont know what to change it with....


Torch - 18/20

what should i do to improve my char? im building my char after the guide on elem druids in the sticky thread. but it seems like im lacking dmg!!

any advice is appriciated! even negative critisism is welcome because i really want to improve my druid.


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well i would change the ammy to like mara's and the belt, maybe arach? 20fcr and 1+ skill is always good. if u think u lack dmg get 2 more skillers and maybe anni?
and get few life sc's, maybe change the gloves to bloodfist.
might want to get few other opinions, these are just mine and what i would do.


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I find FCR is very important for windies, right now you're at 14 frames you really want to get down to 11 - you'll improve from 1.8 tornados per second to 2.3 tornados per second gaining over 2000 additional damage per second.

On ladder my windy has 99 FCR (11 frames) and damage is never a problem, his set up (far from stellar)

Vipermagi (30 fcr)
Spirit (32 fcr)
Magefist (20 fcr)
Caster Belt (7 fcr)
1xFCR Ring (10 fcr)

With better equipment (and no spirit) you would probably want something like

HoTo (40 fcr)
Arach (20 fcr)
Magefist (20 fcr) //could go with Trangs for the cold res
Lidless (20 fcr) //or 2xfcr rings

For resists, put an um in the shako and a pdiamond in the stormshield. Switch silkweaves for some rare boots with res.


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for pvm i think jalas might be nicer unless you really need the mana from shako to survive. You will also then get 30 more resistance.