What charms does a meleesorc use?


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What charms does a meleesorc use?

Makin a dual dream zeal enchantress. I may be blind, but anyways i couldn't find a section about charms in the guide:(.

halp pliax111


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PvP or PvM? I think people do both with this build right? For PvM you'll probably just want to use charms to make up for anything your gear is lacking (resists, FHR, etc). Of course if you're good there (with a good anni and torch you probably will be) then just focus on skillers or MF SC's.


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dualdreamenchantress uses lightningskillers life/fhr.
Fill up resistances with life/res sc's if you need them.
get life/mana sc's if you use energyshield.


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Usually any Sorceress build will want life/mana scs or life/res scs. Those with FHR are for PvP mostly.


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ideally you would want 8 light lifers and 1 light fhr depending on your dreams fhr, then fill the rest up with life/mana for es or life/res for vita.

ar/life charms haven't really been mentioned, but I think pvp-wise, the build is all about squeezing as much AR as you possibly can.