what charm (revisited)


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MortIIs said:

May I ask you why you've posted this?
he is probably happy because he did it with a werewolf which isn't a very popular build for tristram :thumbsup:


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I had made a similar post when I solo'd D Clone...

I guess I just like taking screen caps of unidentified unique charms. That, and to inspire those with similar equipment who maybe didnt think they had any chance of survival in uber trist.

I had uber'd before with the same barb and another friend playing a windy, we actually did better this time without the other druid being a nuisance. The torch was low, 12/12 necro. I m considering changing my main weapon, I use a tombreaver with 2x shael. My wind druid makes a great key hunter, and I d like to see the big three go down faster next time.