what character is most powerful for later levels ?


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what character is most powerful for later levels ?

Ok, so I bought this game way back when it first came out, but havent really played it much over the years.

I started playing again when version 1.10 came out.

I have a Level 45 Barbarian who just completed normal level.
140 strength , 75 Dex , 110 Vit. , 10 energy

I do great with large groups with my 10 shout , 8 battle orders and 1 battle command. On top of that I have maxed sword mastery and 1 point each in leap , leap attack , howl , iron skin , resistance one , stamina and faster walk.

Right now I am using 2 swords with double swing. (40-120 each in damage). but am thinking about switching to two handed sword with concentrate.

But As soon as I got to Nightmare tho, I started dying. It would take so many swings just to kill 1 monster. I keep getting swarmed. My NM Merc (Act I) does more damage than me ! 55-120 with the bow I outfitted her.

For gear, I have ghost armor (299 defense) , sigon belt , sigon gloves but the rest is quite pathetic. I have doulbe leeching sword (10% each) in one hand, and life leech (6%) in the other hand, so usually as long as I keep hitting I get good life and mana leech.

Do all characters have these problems. It seems to me like a sorceres would be the best against many monsters or even the necro with all his skeletons.

Does any one have a half decent sword laying around ?
Anyways, I am not here to mooch.

Which character will be most powerful when higher levels ?

I am gonna start a sorceres tonight. wish me luck.


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To answer your question. Some powerful character builds that 1.10 has given birth to:

Hammerdin (Blessed Hammer Paladin)
Skellymancer (Skeleton Controlling Necromancer)
Wind Druid (Tornado Twirling Druid)
Strafezon (Strafe Shooting Amazon)
Meteorb Sorc (Meteor and Frozen Orb Casting Sorceress)

There are a couple. Notice barb isn't on the list anymore. There are still viable barb builds, but they are costly to prepare and don't work as well as some of the above builds. If you wanted to give your barb another chance, stop putting points to shout (defense is useless), max battle orders, get a shield with 75 chance to block, and max concentrate as your main attack.

I believe there is a meteorb sorc guide in the respective strategy forum, along with many other sorceress builds. If you are interested in starting a sorceress, that would be the best place to get up on your feet.


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Woah! .. I donno man, First of all, Defense is not useless! shout increases the duration of Battle Orders as well. Battle orders increases the damage of concentrate. I don't know where all of this "Barbs are useless in 1.10" is coming from but it's simply not true. They have their weaknesses (namely Iron Maden from the oblivioun Knights in the Chaos Sanc.) but so does every other class.
As far as the "costly to prepare" comment. Good barbs have always been costly to prepare. Mine right now is wearing an IK set. The only expensive item there is the armor. The rest of the outfit is not costly at all.
I'm lvl 78 right now, I've got 2.8k life, about 12k defence, I do 3-7k dammage, tons of elemental dammage (thanks to the IK maul) I'm up to act 4 hell, So far I've tanked izzy and Hepisto in an 8 player game without the need to gulp a single red potion. not to mencion that I double the life and mana of every member of my party as well as increase their defence. I have no shield (obviously) and with shout on it's rare that something has more than 10% chance to hit me, when something does hit me, if I'm not cursed, it dosen't even put a dent in my 2.8k life. I have cr*p in the way of charms, meaning I don't have an inventory full of 3/20/20's. I have one warcry charm, a couple of small vitas with 16-19 life, a couple of snakes (mana) charms and that's about it.
All of the classes that you've named up there are ranged attackers, put a melee weapon on any of them, or any other build of any other class for that matter, and let me see them solo most hell bosses in an 8 player game in less than a minute.
1.10 is a new world, you can no longer just tape down your right mouse button with Whirlwind selected and blast through the entire game, But I assure you that my barb can hold his own in any area of the game under any conditions.
So to the original poster, A barb is a totally viable character! just read Hal's concentrate guide in the barb forum, it's not the type of guide that says you have to have all the top equiptment, he just tells you what to look for. Follow the guide and adapt to your play style and I am sure you will kick A** with your barb.


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Thanks to both posters.

I will stick my barbarian and since I have only put 1 point into double swing and concentrate I can still make him a concentrate barb.

But I will start a skellymancer tonight. Looks like fun :)