What char for Pvp? Help me choose....

What char for Pvp? Help me choose....

I'm stumbling between the following;

Wind Druid
Fire Druid (will take a lot of dying, testing, patience, practice)
BvC barb
BvM(melee) barb (dex build E-cara)
Bone necro
CS Zon


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eLight said:
Bonemancer is teh shi3t :lol:

Speederländer: Allow me to make another prediction, a 3-day-ban for this guy for bipassing the word-filter?

Meanwhile, back on Earth (back on topic):

BvA barb Or Bone Necro IMO


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If you're looking for the strongest build out of those, I'm going to direct you to my "Looking for best character" post and that should answer your questions.

If you aren't going to give us any preferences you have or what purpose this character will serve, then we're just going to tell you what character we'd like to see on the realms more often or which build we prefer.