what channel are people at on USEAST?


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what channel are people at on USEAST?

i've tried that xbananax one that i've seen reference to a few times on these boards, but have never seen anyone in there. i've also never seen anyone in the generic HC channel that's on the chat list. where is everyone!


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OP XBananaX, it's kinda slow during a few points in the day, but at night is good, often 15+ in there



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Its scetchy sometimes in xbananax. One minute it will be nothing but an OP, and then the next minute it will have a bunch of people in it and you can barely keep up with the conversations that are going on, and then the next minute everyone will be afk.

The best way to find/meet people in xbananax is to drop in always and often. Before you start, inbetween games, and at the end. Say hello, introduce yourself (as So and so from the forums) so people will know who you are. Its usualy busy from 5 EST - 12 EST, but there are exceptions and don't be offended if everyone is afk.

I run the bot by the way, so I can tell you for a fact that people do go in there.



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As Tai n HPs have stated op xbananax is the channel that some of the D2.net forum posters/lurkers hang out in.... The bot does sometime disappear prob to relieve itself :grin:


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1. Connect to battle.net
2. Select a character
3. Enter chat
4. Type: "/join op xbananax"
5. Say "hai, zomg gieb itam plz", type things like ".free" "..." ".?" and basically anything that could potentially be funny, with a period before it
6. Enjoy