What can't pindle drop?


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What can't pindle drop?

The thread regarding this subject disappeared due to the DB failure so I thought I'd try again.

According to diablo2.de's drop calculator (http://diablo2.ingame.de/tips/calcs/dropcalc/#en) pindle can drop deaths fathom even though it's quality lvl is 87. They also have him registered as being lvl **. Is that true? A lot of ppl claim he's lower lvl based on the formula: <base monster lvl> + 3 for being unique.

If anyone can positively say what items pindle can't drop I would really appreciate it.


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Not for me

I have done close to 50 runs and he has yet to drop a unique. I am using 450 magic find.


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He can't drop:

Arachnid Mesh (qlvl 87)
Azurewrath (qlvl 87)
Tyrael's Might (qlvl 87)

Pindleskin is level 86, can drop up to TC 87, and can drop all items except the 3 listed above.

edit: Death's Fathom is qlvl 81. You have to differentiate between the base item's qlvl (Dimensional Shard: 85) and the Unique qlvl (81). If the monster can drop from that TC (which Pindle can) and has at least the qlvl of the Unique version (which he has) he can drop it.


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pindle coudl dorp every itme in the game in 1.09, the patch reduced his drops, i assum as part of blizzards strategy to make the most mf run areas less use to mfers