What Build next?

what type of gamer are you?

  • mf/trader - i seek highend items because im a collector/pvp/pk/seller

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  • untwinked ladderer - anything BUT that boring mf/trading stuff.. and there's nothing left except cli

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  • I enjoy doing both/ I mf to twink my ladder runner

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Crazy Runner Guy

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What Build next?

Very soon, I will have 8 Pat's/Mat's (one from each and two assassin)

They are:

Sniper: Strafezon
Blessed_One: Hammerdin
Frozen_Touch: Tal's MF Sorc
Evil_Dead: CB/MF Fishymancer
Night_Stalker: Elemental MA
Ethereal Edge: WB Druid

To Be finished (Both in act 3 hell):
Allied_Hate: WW Barb
Shadow: D-Tail Kickassin

So where should I go from here? Here's some of my little rules though:

Each character will have their own distinct gear. There are very few exceptions to this rule, but I have made some, expecially involving res charms and a few armors (Lionheart in particular).

Each character MUST be able to solo hell on /players1, regardless of how they got there. This includes Baal runs.

There must be a way to deal with PI's outside of Reaper's Toll. I have enough, but I just equipped my last one to my barb.

Getting the gear is not a problem, as I can do countless Meph/Pit/Baal runs for it.

Any suggestions? You may vote for more than one option.


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I'm currently working on a Dagger/Poisonmancer, among other things. If I can get my hands on (highly doubtful, but possible) full Trang's set, he'll be pure dagger, primarily due to the fact that he'll lower their resists more with the full set. If not, he'll be more of a Nova utility while sealing his adversaries up in Prisons. This build may falter, as I cannot invest heavily into Prisons until late (unless I sacrifice damage, which wouldn't be good due to the nature of most monsters and their high resists.) By then, they may not be powerful enough to hold a lot of monsters and it'll be a lot of skills on the right side that I'd have to cycle through quickly (usually with the summoners I've made, I can just use the mouse wheel to go from one part to the next.) You may find it easier than I will, so I'd go that way (so we could compare notes?)

My other sugguestion would be a wind druid. I built one with less-than-elite equiptment and he does just fine for what I use him for. Granted, he sufferes horribly at the hands of Gloams (what doesn't, really?), but he's fun as hell to play with. You don't need a lot of vit with him thanks to Oak Sage, so it's easier to max block. You also can benifit from a big, furry tank. I sugguest Bear because using Solar Creeper is almost essential for your regeneration, esp. at lower levels and Wolves like to eat corpses.


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i see you havnt made a wind druid yet in 1.10, i advice ou to do so.
In the beginning lvls it is very hard because your power and main attack skill will come @ lvl 30 but itis SUCH a blast to play one... i have pat 5 of them for now and i have one in HC in hell act2, i find them really cool too play and the only REAL problem u could encounter are PI's, but hey, hurricane is part cold damage, equip your merc with a reapers throw a point in grizzly bear and what are PI's again?

good luck with what ever build you will choose :thumbsup:


Liter Soul

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Rabies Druids are pretty fun. It's awesome to hit one thing in the maggot lair and have everything die. Plus, it leave plenty of skill points for other skills. Give 'em a try!


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Energy Shield Sorc!

I didn't really expect this build to work that well, but I now feel she'll be hell capable, with ease. Killing power may be on the weak side, but it should be sufficient. But void high damage mana burners, there's very little that can hurt you. Now normal mode is of course just a start, but I've tanked the 3rd minion group with 1 hp, then 4th with less than 10 and the Minions of Destruction with less than 30. Lister was uncapable of dealing any damage whatsoever to her...to a sorc with no shield and base vitality. I'll soon see if NM Diablo can deal any damage to her...I'm curious =)


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one of my chars that im currently working on is a bonecaster and its very to fun to play!

other than that i would suggest a wind druid!


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I bet no one in a million of years can guess which one I chose...

Yes, it's the zealot, try it, play it, love it, forget every other build :D


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Shockadin! I'm making one now that's rocking my world. His relatively obvious weapon is the Crescent Moon phase blade, which is pretty powerful. I'm only in NM, but am killing stuff by walking around them for about 3 seconds in /players 8 games, which bodes well for the future.

They can totally deal with PI's and can have vengeance/conviction on weapon switch and a super-hurty weapon to deal damage to LI's. :thumbsup:


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my newest character idea came from M_D, it's a sniping assasin. well, that was the original idea. then i got thinking on Ninja (throwing knives and 2 handed sword on the switch) or Sniper (crossbow with a 2 handed sword or perhaps dagger on the switch) for those times when you absolutely must have a melee attack (Duriel)

give it a shot

:) matt


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Wildjinn-style tri-elementalist Dragon Tail assassin: Will put the fun back in an old tired game.

EDIT: Sorry, didn't read the last part.


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I will say an Avenger who also uses Conversion and/or Thorns as side help......just to be different.