What build for my new sword?


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What build for my new sword?

Okay, here it goes. I got bored, bought myself an eth headstriker, upgraded it. Gonna zod it too. What build would it fit on?

The original stats of headstriker are:

150% Enhanced Damage
+ (1 Per Character Level) 1-99 To Maximum Damage (Based On Character Level)
(1.5 Per Character Level) 1-148 % Deadly Strike (Based On Character Level) (yay)
Prevent Monster Heal
+15 To Strength

Iirc, with a lvl85 char it had ~280 maxdmg. This, combined with a 100%+ chance of deadly strike. Uhm, so. What char/build?

It's attackspeed isn't really the best, so I thought something like a charger could perhaps use it? It might not be better than the usual botd, grief etc, but it looks cooler... The downside is that I can't shael it, since it needs a zod.

Ofc, shaper druids are excluded, too slow. Zealot? Naaaah, not sure. Barb?
Give me ideas!


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Use a Charger. The 100% DS is enough to make the damage massive. Say you get a 1000% ED skill bonus (That's low for a Charger), you'll deal 2.8K max, 5.6K after DS.

I think max skill ED is

675% Charge (Just using Torch, Anni, and BO)
400% Vigor
400% Might
447% Fanticism

That's 1922% ED. That's 8.2ishK before DS, 16.4ishK after. That's not including Fort, Pheonix, or any ED jewels in the helm.


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As I thought. I got a charger on nl, so I need the ladder to end anyways. Got all equip needed for it. Planned to wait til reset anyway, cant really afford a zod on ladder now anyway. :)


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You will need 60 IAS to hit 4 frame zeal, so yeah a charger. The range isn't that great though.

Or even a conc barb.


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headstrikers are nice, i use an upd one on my 85 frenzy barb (not quite as nice as yours tho :thumbsup:) along with a lightsabre
the ed and deadly strike are a good combo for massave dmg