What boss mods make you go "crap"


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What boss mods make you go "crap"

Your walking through hell (or running) depending what character you have, and minding your own business slaying the minions of hell. For some reason, it all feels vaguely familiar...

Suddenly you see a different colour on a monster ahead, your brain automatically goes "lewts! graily!" and you start salivating at the mouth.

You run a mouse over the mobs and realize that this is not a good thing.

Just curious what boss mods people hate the most? I was looking at the superunique thread thinking how Ancient Kaa is easily one of the most dangerous, but since unless you clear all the tombs you arent in to much of a problem. It got me thinking what boss mods/combos I hate the most.

I have this pet hate about Extra Fast packs. Since I play HC running away is something that happens alot. I was doing NM the other day with a Wind Druid and came across about five packs of Moonlords or Frenzytaurs (forget what type) in one of the ice tunnel areas all with that mob. They chewed through my merc so quickly. :(

Conviction isnt very nice either, but generally not that much of a pain if your careful...archer bosses with Extra Strong/Fanatiscism also rate highly on "OMG run" lists of things to do.


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Spectral Hit and LE bosses...make me cringe. I hate the fact that they do all sorts of random elemental damage with the bolts. Add Extra Fast/Conviction and FE into the mix? I hate that. Archer packs with Fanat/Conviction, Extra Fast, or Cold Enchanted also make me flee a bit.


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I've never outgrown my fear of MSLE monsters, even though they aren't really a threat anymore. :D


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every mods combined with amplify..... bleeeeech.....

and OK's on hell act 4 with IM are more difficult to me to handle than the diablo it self...

no.3 --- drains mana + physical immune also sucks


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well the other day i was in nm arcane sanctuary with my fishymancer and i come upon 2 unique ghost packs. 1 is LE/convic and the other is might/amp. and this was right on top of the AS waypoint so i had a REALLY tough time trying to kill them. my merc dies 8 times.

in general, though, i dislike cold enchanted extra fast cuz sometimes when the unique is the first to go down and im standing too close i get chilled, then one of the minions comes up to me and kills me cuz i cant run away fast enough


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Toppo said:
Coupled with Gloams in the Frozen River = trouble :eek:
Well I can HANDLE Gloams well enough.

Unless those Gloams happen to be Convict + Cold Enchanted.

Then I sit in the corner and cry.


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Anytime I run into ranged archer packs and I notice that i'm cursed with Amplify Damage I get scared.

I was doing some pit runs with my Tal's sorc and even on players1 a range, cursed Archer pack decimated my merc in short order. Granted, he was wearing MF gear for the most part but still ...


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Conviction with LE is bad. Makes your barb with maxed resists seem like butter.

And previously mentioned fantacism + extra strong archer pack.


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Tainted's with nasty mods (extra fast, extra strong, convic etc etc) :rolleyes:

Also I recall losing exp many times in a row in a multiplayer game (ive a screeny at home) to a conviction gloam pack (dont know what other mods) until 'Thanatos' (spelling?) saved us :thumbsup:


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Other than FE mods,

The one I feared is archers with extra fast, extra strong and fanaticism. o_O"


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Anything with Conviction or Fire Enchanted...

Some really bad ones are:
conviction gloams *whimpers*
Fire enchanted Cold enchanted Stone Skin beetle *shudders*
Extra fast extra strong (or fataticis enchanted) spectral hit frenzytaurs *cries*


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I really hate bosses with Holy Freeze aura.... add to that extra fast.... you can't run, you can't hide.


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I hate FE/CE/LE anything. They are very very dangerous.
I particulairy hate FE embalmed and the like. The minions are deadly too. The other day I was standing half a creen away from an embalmed minion when it died and it took half my life.

Conviction Gloams = My Windy's Bane.


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My HC untwinked zealot, first into hell. Right into stony field, three bosspacks right next to each other, total ability include might, fanatcism, cursed, extra strong, LE, FE, extra fast.

Only thing I thought was "oh ****".


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cursed + extra strong + multi-shot = -1k HP/sec for me.

OT: Mana burn + physical immunes aren't the most dangerous, but they definitely get my vote for most annoying.

Wonko the Sane

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LE + stone skin makes me cringe. Not as deadly as LE + conviction, but I've yet to have poor enough luck to find one of those :p