what boots/belt/gloves for a lvl 49 oath barb?


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what boots/belt/gloves for a lvl 49 oath barb?

im thinking about making one, but i dont know what boots/belt/gloves to use.

current prospective gear setup:
eOath small crescent
ePrudence dusk shroud
sanctuary hyperion
saracens chance
2x ravens

also, how do i do my skills? obviously, i do ww, bo, axe mast., but there arent enough pts to max all three, plus, i need diff skills.



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IMO, either go with the IK trio, or use a mixture. Something like: strings, gores and bloofists come to mind.

For skills: Max ww last, the +damage and ar isnt great and it makes it cost more mana.

Maybe think about dropping saracens and a raven and instead use angelic amu + 1 ring. Nice life + much needed ar.