What area or area's do YOU hate?


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What area or area's do YOU hate?

I personally have always HATED act 3. ESPECIALLY the sewers. BUT now I have developed a NEW hatred....The Durance....It is TOO farging HUGE....It's JUST REDICULOUS NOW. Anyway that's MY opinion's anyway. *S*


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no1 on hatelist must be Chaos Sancuary (im there 3 times only :p )

Sewers act2 and other locations with lots of skellies/no leech dudes is not so popular in my eyes too , since im a pure WW barb.


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TheAntiHero said:
travincal with out a doubt
Are you on drugs? Travincal is great; generally good treasure, generally easy critters to kill.

My least favorite areas are the outdoor parts of a5, especially when the randomizer generates the teleporting ranged-attack things. Demon Rascals and the like.

Basically, I just hate teleporting monsters.


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My pet peeves -

Mana burn bosses in general (nice one whoever thought of the idea that minions get boss monster attributes)

Maggots (I hate maggots)

Grotesque class (Actually just the babies).


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What area or area's do YOU hate?

Depends on the char... But to sum it up...

Anywhere I die.


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act2 just always generates problems. especially when you are running around in that blasted desert trying to find that blasted sand vagina(maggot lair). you shouldnt have to find the staff. we are stong barbs, we can just bash a hole into tal rashas tomb.


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Id have to say I really dont enjoy the early parts of Act 3.

It looks cool and all, but it just lacks personality. One problem for me is being colorblind. Alot of the steps and terrain features blend in and make them harder to see.


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My barb hates:
A5, all those bashing/freezing guys in the river/caverns/ancients way
(also hate claw vipers and mauler types in any act)

My sorc hates:
A4, Chaos sanctuary of course (and merc dies to maiden every time)
(also hate might/fanat spear throwers or archers in any act)



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Not a fan of Act 2 or the first part of act 3. The nice thing about a frenzier is you can simply do a high speed run / jump through those areas. I didn't even clear out the area before Duriel, just dropped the staff in and bolted. :cool:


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Funk anywhere an Obliv Knight is around... Mercs just don't get it...

and Durance 2 cause it's a hassle teleporting after you've pindle'd for a while... :xgift: