What Are Your Favorite and Least Favorite Builds?


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Since I started playing Diablo II Lord of Destruction years ago, I've beaten the game with various builds for every character. However, I have yet to actually tackle higher difficulty levels, I've just been playing normal with different characters and playstyles. Some builds I found more enjoyable than others.

Why don't we use this thread to discuss our favorite and least favorite builds? I'll start. I haven't explored every possible build in the past that I could come up with yet so I'll only list those that I have tried.

Amazon Favorite: Cold Bowazon. Freezing Arrow is fun to use, seeing crowds of monsters frozen solid.
Amazon Least Favorite: Spearazon. Using Jab repeatedly on single targets can get tiresome. Fend can only attack each target once, and let's not forget the bug that kicks in if one of the passive defense skills kicks in.

Assassin Favorite: Tiger Strike Martial Artist. Fully charged, a high level Tiger Strike unleashed together with Dragon Tail can destroy crowds of monsters at once.
Assassin Least Favorite: Lightning Trapassin. Due to being unable to recover man per kill, I had to chug a lot of mana potions.

Barbarian Favorite: Whirlwind. Probably the only build for this class that has any kind of cookie cutting action.
Barbarian Least Favorite: Concentrator. Killing speed slower than other barbarians. No crowd control.

Druid Favorite: Wind Druid. Tornado is fun to spam and Hurricane makes both a great offense and defense.
Druid Least Favorite: Werebear. Killing speed is slower than Werewolves due to lack of high damage multiple target attacks.

Necromancer Favorite: Poisonmancer. Poison Nova is a fun skill to use and great for crowd control. I found it impossible at times to resist saying "excuse me!"
Necromancer Least Favorite: Daggermancer. Using hit and run techniques while waiting for the poison to take effect can be tiresome.

Paladin Favorite: Shock Zealot. A lot of lightning damage added to attacks. High level Holy Shock can quickly kill enemies before I have a chance to attack them, especially those annoying lesser demons in Act 5.
Paladin Least Favorite: Hammerdin. Blessed Hammer can be difficult to aim at times, and cannot be used in tight corridors such as Maggot Lair.

Sorceress Favorite: Cold. It's amazing how quickly bosses fall before the onslaught of a Blizzard spell. It's also fun to shatter the minions of greater mummies, leaving them with no material to revive their followers.
Sorceress Least Favorite: Fire. Fireball has a small blast radius compared to Glacial Spike or Ice Blast. Meteor takes a while to hit.


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Amazon Favorite: The Freezing Arrow + Lightning fury hybrid. One of the best "non-meta" beginner builds.
Amazon least favorite: Strafezon, I don't like being stuck in attack animation. Probably because I have failed to get a bow that is both fast and deals ton of damage (read Windforce and Faith)

Assassin Favorite: Kicksin with heavy use of Death Sentry. Kick and watch stuff explode
Assassin least favorite: never to blade fury to work as good as I wanted to in order to make a build where it is primarily damage source.

Barbarian Favorite: Frenzy (has the drawback of being hard to pilot due to high run speed, so I always aim to get as little FRW as possible)
Barbarian least favorite: Whirlwind. Clunky combat mechanic. Diablo III whirlwinder is a different story, good fuild gameplay.

Druid Favorite: I have no opinion
Druid least favorite: I have no opinion

Necromancer favorite: all of the ones that includes corpse explosion
Necromancer least favorite: all of the ones that do not include corpse explosion

Paladin favorite: 2-Handed fanatic zealot. Damage is insane, and you have to play it safe. Makes up for a fun playstyle
Paladin least favorite: I don't like smiters, its good as back up skill for bosses with loads of crushing blow. Otherwise painful in general PvM play

Sorceress favorite: Fire sorc. Fireball hits hard and fast. The sound of an incoming meteor always makes me warm inside
Sorceress least favorite: Blizzard sorc, the most played (?) Diablo II char. Totally meta and boring for me. Still wondering why there are so many guides out there when it is such a simple build to make.