What are the Pits?


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What are the Pits?

Are these the two Pits in Act V? The Pit of Acheron and the Infernal Pit?

I've done those before (only Normal so far) and they didn't seem all that special to me for MFing.

Or do people mean something else when they say "the Pits"?


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Act 1 Tamoe Highlands...there is a cave there called "The Pit."

as a good MF...they are referring to Hell version, which has very high magic level or some such, meaning "all" items can drop there

couple that with the type of area it is and how quickly a lot of builds can rip through it...good MF area


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Phesto said:
Act 1 Tamoe Highlands...there is a cave there called "The Pit."
Yes this is right. To add to it, TP to the Outer Cloister and make your way back to the Monastery Gate. From there stay on the road to the Pit. The road will have a "Y" in it so you may have to back track a bit if you end up back at the Black Marsh.


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i think that pits means more then just the a1 as they just call it the pit. pits means high lvl areas such as a2 ancient tunnels and such.


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ya its sort of become a general reference term...here's a few more

the pits in the A1 tamoe highlands
ancient tunnels, A2
countess' tower in black marsh
worldstone keep
throne of destruction
..and a few more i canat remember. they are all lvl 85 areas, which means that they can drop from almost every item category out there. Only a few bosses in hell have higher item lvl drops

that and in addition, the "pit" in tamoe highlands also has a very good concentration of boss packs (2 in lvl 2, and usually 3 or more in lvl 1) so if you have high MF its the best place to find higher end items. Plus there are very few physical immune, making it more viable for a variety of charectar types to run (thoguh cold sorcs tend to have an easier time in the mausoleum due to higher concentration of cold immunes in pits)

check out the stickie in the community forum on running the pits...good reference for all that info :grin:



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The monsters in "the pit" are relatively easy to kill compared to say wsk but the area is the same lvl85 so mf can yeild some great item drops.

This makes for fast productive magic finding.

An aded bonus to the pit is it yields a lot of nice socketable elite items also


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Note that you have to go there houndreds of times to actually find something in the upper nice class. So have patience and eventually something will drop.