what are the chances of getting good drops form meph...? i


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what are the chances of getting good drops form meph...?

I recently started playing again and I have a lvl ~74 blizz sorc. I have crap equip and little to no mf, i think if i equip the stuff I have it totals to around 30 mf, (yes very pitiful, just stuff i picked up).

What are the chances of getting something good that will put me on track?
I'm trying to stock up on topazes.

And if anyone have any suggestions of wut to do it's much appreciated.


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Well, if you're trying to get MF gear to get started with:

- find a 4 socketed armour, 3 socketed helm and 7 Perfect Topazes. The Topazes may take a while, but in late NM and Hell most gem drops are Flawless, and using Gem Shrines whenever you see them (with only Flawless Topazes in your inventory) will speed things up a little.
- Gamble and shop for MF gloves and boots. You can get some quite useful mods on gloves and boots as well as MF, so this is a good way to spend that gold you got whilst searching for Topazes :)
- Try to get hold of Nagelrings - these are pretty handy for MF purposes, and aren't overly uncommon (but are still quite tricky to find when you want them).

Once you've got this stuff together, you should have around 250-300% MF.

With this new-found stuff, go beat the stuffing out of NM Mephisto a few dozen times. He's able to drop some quite good stuff (Oculus is one you may find useful).

You should keep an eye out for Chance Guards (Chain Gloves), as these are probably the best MF gloves (if you don't need resists etc. from rare gloves).

Once you've gained a couple of levels, and possibly found some decent items to keep/trade, chech out the high-level areas in Hell difficulty. As a Blizzard sorc, you might consider the Mausoleum (Act 1, under the Burial Grounds) since there are no Cold Immunes there. With a lot of patience, you can find any item you seek there.

Check out the Pit Guide in the Strategy Compendium ( http://strategy.diabloii.net/ ) for a detailed overview of these high-level areas and what you can do there.


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basically untwinked u need 3 socketed mask/crown/great helm and socket it with 3 perfect topaz and a 4 socketed dusk shroud with 4 perfect topaz

then get nagel/chance/goldwrap from nm meph or normal depends on you.

One important thing you need is 63% FCR or else you wont make it to durnace lvl 3 in hell.

Dont do those lvl 85 areas for now cuz u need common items not unique sacred armor:) Try to do a lot of nm or hell(if u can) meph runs and get shako, occy, skullder n stuff and then once you are stronger you can try pit/tunnel etc etc


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I miss a mention of the Rhyme runeword shield. Get a nonmagical shield with 2 sockets and put a shael and then an eth rune into it - voila, another 25%mf ! In the other hand you can wear either an orb with fcr and skill bonuses or - as soon as you have oculus and/or lidless - you use the shield together with ali baba or gull in the second weapon slot and switch to it for the final blow.

A rising sun amulet is very useful for meph runs (I always give this advise when it's about meph runs :)), as the meteors and hydras will actually heal you, the firewalls deal no damage and only the fireballs hurt. That means you can ignore the councils and the vampires most of the time which speeds up the whole a lot - assuming you know the moat trick (see the sorc forum for details about that). Oh, and it gives you +2 to all fire skills which might come handy if you are playing a fire sorc.

Don't wear too much mf stuff, as speed is also a factor. If you need 10 minutes for a meph run and you die all the time, it's inefficient. You should die perhaps 1 in 20 times (so you actually gain levels until you are L85 or so) and need 1 minute to reach durance 3 and another minute to kill meph. Killing meph five times more often with less mf is definitely better.

If hell meph is still a challenge for you, visit nm meph instead. He can drop most of the stuff you need and a lot of the usual tradables as well (skullders, occy, lidless, shaft, gaze, wt etc, etc. but not shako). As soon as you are good enough, switch to hell meph.


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of course if meph is kicking ur *** then hop on down to the pit! Its the new pindle i tells ya! of course there ARE cold immunes, you did remember your merc right?


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There's this place called the Ancient Tunnels in Act 2, which is also a lvl 85 area, much like that famous Pit. Oh, did I mention there are no natural cold immunes?