What are some common 4fpa fury weapons??


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What are some common 4fpa fury weapons??

Just wondering what some common 4fpa fury weapons are.

2 handed and 1 handed.

I can't decide which....

I know tomb reaver with 2 shaels will do it.. what are some others?

thanks :)


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There are no "Common" 4 frame weapons. Their are the best of the best 4 frame weapons. These include:
- eth Tomb reaver 3 sockets (2 hander)
- 6 socket eth glitched berserker axe, with 5 40/15's and 1 shael (1 hander)
- Fury fanged knife (I think its 4 frames?, 1 hander)
- Rare Eth phase blade with 40 ias, 2 sockets, 290+ ed, fools mod (1 hander, absolute best 1 handed fury weapon imho).

There probably is 1 or 2 I am forgetting but these are the important ones.


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Cruel gaint tresher of quickness with 2*shael
Cruel fanged knife of quickness with shael+ed/ias
4 sock Gris caddy