what am i missin?


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what am i missin?

I recently started a wind druid cos they looked kinda cool. Im used to playing s palas/sorcs/barbs/necros and i have found that even though i am now lvl80, my damage still sucks. Im wearing....
sandstorm treks
+3 ele amu 10fcr
druid torch
4xele skilelrs

i want to know if im doing something wrong as he still isnt very strong even though his gear isnt too bad. He dies quite quick in hell and cant kill very quickly. Any suggestions? btw what are the druid fcr breakpoints for teleing?


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switch magefist for trangs gloves and i honnestly cant say why you are having such difficulty. My gear for my old windy was very similiar and he was able to do the exact opposite of what you're claiming.


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cta or anni? (anni will lower strgth req for nigma by like 15-20)

Did you put any points into strtgh or dexterity? Personally, if you're just using spirit monarch, I'd not even bother dext or barely any strgth, go like 500 vitality and bo that shiiiiiite. As for damage... I have no idea, that's a lotta damage gear u have on... mesah no idea : /
You have no damage reduction (besides nigma), but u should be set for resists with hoto/spirit and cyclone. Maybe more fhr?
just some thoughts...


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dangit...just put together a nice post for ya and lost the connection :p

what's your skills? and a windy is very different than a sorc or hammerdin... It's all time leveraged damage, and staying alive long enough to dish it out. I'll see if I can throw some tips together for ya later on...I lost a huge post (20 min worth) I was writing for ya :goofy:



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My wind druid dealed like 3k+ damage and i was able to solo him all the way to act5 (baal *****slap me over and over though thanks to mana drain and i have no insight merc). Your gear is extremely extremely strong already so I can't why you will be having problems at all.


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skill/stat allocation has to be horribly wrong for you to be struggling

die, then post your stats/skills w/o gear on


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me skills are as follows:
20 cyclone armour
20 twister
20 tornado
20 hurricane
and so far (lvl83 now)
6 in grizzly

me stats are pretty much (roughly to nearest 5)
75 strength
50 dexterity
everything else in vitality
base energy

btw thx 4 the big attemp malakho, shame about cacky connections, i know how ya feel-muling 5 ists across and NTL connection goes down for 5 hours. :D
ive been playing him quite a bit now,and he can only do solo runs up to act3.
He gets anihialated in acts4 and 5 and for sum reason the casting of tele is ded slow, even with decent fcr gear on (the spirit is 35) so im thinking of scrapping him and building another shifter (got 2 already) or going for an axe barb. i dont like wasting the effort tho, but he isnt able to do much.


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malakho said:
dangit...just put together a nice post for ya and lost the connection :p

what's your skills? and a windy is very different than a sorc or hammerdin... It's all time leveraged damage, and staying alive long enough to dish it out. I'll see if I can throw some tips together for ya later on...I lost a huge post (20 min worth) I was writing for ya :goofy:

shoulda used other comp to xfer the post :p

looks like you gotta mf posts :p (just kidding)


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I don't know what to say dude. With the gear you have you should be fine. Your strategy must be completely terrible when playing this char.

According to your gear setup you got 115 FCR which should be plenty fine as on my old retired/mf windy has less than that and teleports just fine.
You have a total of 23+ to skills which should put your tornado damage around 5k. My windy does around 3-4k damage and he still does just fine.
Do you not have any points in oak sage ? Other than that you shouldn't be having problems..


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Ya it sounds like alot of it could be playing style as well...dunno tho. Now that I have a decent internet connection I figured I'd list some of the tips I use when I'm playing my druid.

First off, it might be late for this build but I LOVE max block. In my solo druid, currently undergoing a second leveling (had to reformat drive) he is running thru nm and having a heck of a time with his low dex (I didn't raise it for some reason...only play it once in awhile) and using a lidless wall ( i know the block sucks but this is a perfect comparison) his block I would gess is aroun the mid 40's.
I would say on average (watching my hit animations and damage occurring) he only gets out 1/3 of the nadoes that my windy in SC does, due primarily to having to do hit recovery so often. My SC windy is using SS right now, block at 75%. Thats how big of a difference you can see with max block. And since the windy usually needs to be closer to be more effective with nadoes, I feel blocking is crucial. there might be many others who have had different results, but this is what I've experienced and so far it works.

Here's some other tips that I"ve gleaned from a long term project guide im making for fun...sorry about the length but I didnt' want to have to re-type and its all helpful info (btw, feel free to critique it to...since i planed on publushing it sometime in the next contury, any positive...POSITIVE... comments are more than welcome :grin:) BTW, this is ONLY about PvM windy's..I dont do PvP

to start, I will say this:

A windy is not played like any other spellcaster

They are almost a merging of spellcasters and melee charectars, even more so than a Hammerdin (who is a spellcaster with good life and def). The windy has to get up and close, like a melee charectar, yet their spells are more like a casters. they have many advantages of a melee charectar (high resists, life leech, etc) while having penetrating spells and multiple damage sources. ON the flip side, their damage is based on a time ticker(hurricane) or random and often frustratin in its travel (tornadoe) So, with that in mind, here's the other critical factor when playing a windy:

A windy's damage is time leveraged, not a spammed source

What I mean by that is a windy does damage, but its damage over time, based on multiple damage sources. A sorceress or paladins damage is bsd on how many orbs/hammers/blizzards they can spam out before having to retreat or change position. A windy has to balance his casting of tornado out with maintaining spells that have time limits (hurricane) and damage ceilings(cyclone armor). However, when he does so, there is a constant and effective damage being done.
While it may seem odd to include a defenseive spell such as cyclone armor in a section on damage, keep in mind that since a druid does more damage the more time he is exposed to the monsters, he needs to maintain his defenses.
That and a druids offenses are also his defenses as well. Let me explain...
When a monster enters your hurricane radius, they are damaged. And unless your in the higher levels of hell, or around cold resistant monsters, the damage from hurricane is enough to most often throw the nasties into hit recovery. When there in hit recovery, they cant hit you :) . I have found that the combination of hurricane and tornadoe to be enough for all but the most stubborn monsters to spend most of their miserabley short lives in hit recovery. And remember, while there in hit recovery, your not ( a key to survival as a windy...do not get hit lol)
So they key to dishing out damage as a windy is all about managing spells, both offensive and defensive. I am amazed at how often I see windy's in pub games let their cyclone armor go down and their hurricane run out. Bad. Very bad. Those two spells are key to a windy's survival...NEVER LET THEM GO OUT. I have been wailing away in hell before with no problems, creatures dying left and right, and then suddenly my hurricane goes out, and the creatures start wailing away at me :p . I go into hit recovery, can't re-cast, and then cyclone armor goes out (almost like clockwork) and then...urk!

Don't forget your friends

Secondly, in relation to spell management, don't forget your handy little summons. they die often, and at that point there are no longer any other distractions for the monsters but YOU, theres something magically wonderful about a druids minions. the monster AI will turn to them if they are there...before you or your merc. I've been fightin diablo, gettign my butt handed to me, and cast my grizzly...suddenly the heats off me and i can recast cyclone armor, hurricane, and re-orient myself for tornadoe while the bear tanks for me. This bears repeating. the monsters will always go after your summons before you or your merc. Since you can recast them, rather then having to hop into town to get them like your merc, they are the first expendable line of defense.
The ravens work well for this too, though they tend to do better against ranged attackers. they are more effective if you re-cast them when needed. See arrows comign at you in the distance? side step them and cast a raven or two over there. In a few short moments the archers are blinded, fingers up their noses, waiting patiently for you bear and merc to suanter over and stick em.
Does it always work? no. But it does often enough for me to use it faithfully. You should too. And don't forget oak sage, who dies far mroe often than he should (how sick it is to cast him, watch him go over to greet the nasties, and dies instantly. And he does it again when you recast :p) However, the extra life you get from him, even adn lvl 1, is enough to warrant re-casting. And besides, your gonna be casting everythin else like crazy in hell anyways, might as well recast the little glowing night light too.
And let us not forget the all important merc. Your second disposable line of defense. And believe me, in hardcore that is literal. let em all die...gold is cheaper than having to re-level your charectar to 80 and find more elite gear...yech.

The windy...the life of the party

this is my approach to playing my windy. Its very possible that this methodology is what has atributted to much of my atrittion with windy's, But I feel that most of my later builds weren't in danger with this approach (i.e. they die alot less lol). It's all about maximizing your spell management and keeping your charectar alive. After that, its party time.
I like groups of monsters. The best place for your windy is smack dab in the middle of them (who's the pivot man?) spamming nadoes and watching the baddies fall before him. Whether you run into the middle, cirlce around the outside, or tele into the pack, its all about getting into the thick of it, right where the damage is at its highest. Keep in mind that hurricane is centered on your druid, so the middle of the pack is the best place to be.

And yes, I do do this in HC too. My HC windy is currently lvl 81 and doing key runs, an attestment to this methodology. I am a little more careful about scoping out the monsters before I charge, but the result is often the same. So here are the meat and potatoes of this approach. Number one, You must have all your spells ready. That is, cyclone armor and hurricane recast, full ravens, griz, and merc ready to rock. Make sure the pack isnt enchanted with a curse that'll wipe out your merc and bear in one hit, and then....CHARGE! ( or tele into the middle if you've been enigma'ized).
Sounds like alot of prep work just for one group of monsters...but if your matintining your spells (hint hint) prep work isn't really necessary.
Keep in mind, that due to the nature of cyclone armor, many of the auras that scare the pants off of normal charectars just dont phase a windy. As an example, lighting gloams with conviction aura usually makes most charectars run in fear. Since CA is a 0 res spell (meaning that resistance or spells that reduce your resists dont affect it) it doesn't matter whether your resists are 100+ or -100, it still absorbs exactly the amount of damage its supposed to before it expires. So those huge storms of elemental damage that frighten most charectars dont even bother a windy...uness you let your CA go down (bad druid...)
The one aura that is especially nasty against windy's is Amp. Doens't seem too bad up front, but remember that almost half of your kiling potential AND defensive abilities are your summons and merc. and they die reeaaall fast when there fighting phys immune amped packs of ghosts in the countess tower. And you wil die in abotu 3 hits yorself, so if your happily skipping along, wailing away in hell act1 and you suddenly see that nasty aura above your head and your merc off in the distance does his cute littel death cry "aahh..." I suggest you RUN! run screaming like a little girl.
At least long enough to tp back into town and get your merc again. They are an important part of your arsenal (liek most other spellcasters)

Hope you enjoy! :grin:



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Hey Malachi,

Dude, I can't get this image of this Windy Druid running through WSK halls screaming like a girlie!! Laughed so hard, I almost sputtered my Pepsi onto the LCD. Funny!!

Nevertheless, good advice on the underappreciated windy. Almost makes me wanna make one. The only thing that stops me is that I like having fur and a tail too much (even if it prevents me from tele). :p

thanks for the good ministrategy guide and laugh dude!