What am I doing, huh?


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What am I doing, huh?

So I'm running Pindle/Pit/Meph and keeping an eye out for anything valuable and I found this,

Storm Scratch
Two-Hand Damage: 81 to 346
Durability: 18 of 25
Required Dexterity: **
Required Strength: 110
Required Level: 33
Spear Class - Normal Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 86
Fingerprint: 0x7cc12464
+200% Enhanced Damage
+4 to Maximum Damage
Adds 8-13 fire damage
+6 poison damage over 2 seconds
20% Increased Attack Speed

Is this worth anything? Can it be made useful at all?

I've seen the thread about people looking for blue/white items, what should I be looking for? Soketed stuff, High ED rares..........Gimme a shopping list of stuff to look for.


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Upgrade it and give it to a merc. He'd be eternally grateful. Although you might want to socket it with a Amn for some life leach. Cheers!


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dont upgrade it... that stats are not worth the runes...

if you ever find a 400+ ED.. ethereal.. life leech.. chance to cast amp...+ias..
that's the one you want to upgrade.


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There also dosen't sem to be any interest in Larzuks cruels any more. So what're the new hot non-U/S items? Just high ED rares?
Gimme some ideas of whats useful so I have something do do while I'm in the pit not finding Vorbis' last two Grail items.




All I keep finding are those rune things but I can't get 'em to spell anything so I just leave 'em on the ground. I mean BerGulIst? Is that like a burglar? Runes, who needs 'em. ;)


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I like 5 socketed ethereal elite polearms / spears. They make good honor weapons for my merc. :) Same for the three socketed version and crescent moon. Though the honor thing mainly applies to untwinked play when I don't have access to a lot of unique items.

Rares of that type with about 300% ED or more are also interesting. Even more so if they have IAS, life leech and are ethereal.

I'd also pick up Tyrael's Might if it came my way. :D