What all does the /Players affect?


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What all does the /Players affect?


I am a very long-time player of Diablo I and II however I never really play online, and am not a "hardcore" player in the least. I really just play for fun and my characters never get past nightmare :thumbsup:

That said, I have recently vowed to finally beat the stinking game through Hell, and hence working with /players 8 seemed to make sense. I was just wondering if someone could tell me what exactly that affects...I know it increases HP on the enemies (and thus XP) but beyond that, does it affect damage, item drops, etc... Mostly I need to know whether it is actually a benefit in any way to keep the player level high well doing mephisto/baal/blood moor:rolleyes: runs...

Oh, and just while I am on it, what is this forum's stance on using ATMA as a muling app? I know you are very concerened for the sake of trade and MP, and if I ever chose to attempt such things on this site, would that be considered a cheat/hack/something nasty? All of my items are self-found 100% legitly, but I guess that is years of admitabbly-low tech gear from a variety of characters...


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First, welcome to the forum! Read the FAQ, check out the stickies (you may have interest in the giveaway thread) and have fun!

The players command affect 4 things:

* Monster health (gets higher with each player added)
* Exp. gained (more players = more experience)
* Damage done to you (more players = more damage delivered, recent test are proving that each player adds around 6 - 8% more damage)
* Drops from monsters (with each odd player added (players 1,3,5,7) the "no-drop" percentage gets lowered, for bosses like mephisto and baal the best balance is players 5).

Edit: Oh! and the forum stance is very ok! In fact, trading is done mostly in ATMA, and almost all of us have our own stash with items, so, don't worry :wink3:


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The players command adds unpartied players to the game. That means each extra player simulated with the players command adds 50% to the hitpoints and XP of monsters. It also increases the damage monsters do slightly, but that's a fairly new discovery, and so there hasn't been a lot of testing yet. It also decreases monster's no drop chances, but for this, unpartied players count a 1/2 a person. (So, p1 and p2 have the same no drop chance, since the game rounds down.) You should check out Hrus's MF guide in our FAQ and Guide sticky, as it will give you more details and tips about how to best make use of the player command for magic finding.

ATMA is accepted here for trading, so it won't cause you any problems there. If you do start trading, make sure you read those rules carefully, and you can always PM me if you have any questions about the rules.

Edit: Hmm, would deleting A_M's post so I didn't get pwnd be abuse of power? :evil: :grin:


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Is the powers getting to you Catt? Don't turn to the dark side! Fight it. :) Although, only A_M would hold it against you though. The rest of us would support you fully. :p

On-topic. I KNEW!!!! that more players added damage. I wanted to say something here, but I thought most would just say the generally known, 'No, only HP/drops/XP.'
I always wondered why normal monsters were dropping my lifebulb 1/4 with each hit. I never tested it, but they did appear to be doing more damage than I thought.
So how new was this discovery?