what about a3 merc


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what about a3 merc

hey ho!

hows a act3 merc doin in hell, if he wears dual spirits,
shako and hmm CoH/Enigma/other +2 skill armor


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he use to be good until the cold immunes in hell made him useless.

there are quite a few cold immunes in hell switch he doesn't do anything on. he is a liability at that point.

biggest mercs used are act 2 i have seen a couple act 1 and 5 but that is about it. almost everyone uses act nm merc either the might or defensive


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Act3 mercs only scratchs off a non significant amount of damage compare to others mercs.

The cold act3 merc can be usefull at time to help you freeze monsters, but act2 nm defensive with its holy freeze can slow them constantly wich is almost better in many situation.

With a bit of research on the site you can be able to get the skills act3 mercs use and the level they can get too. They are not synergised spell either so don't expect their damage to be high.

Also the damage they list in their caracter screen( default key O) is not their spell damage but the damage they would do melee with sword. Don't let it trick you.