what a day (for D2).


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what a day (for D2).

My naked Fishy build just made Destroyer. What made my day of D2 were two personal record.

1) I beat ancients without single movement, thats right, my necro just stand still all the time, never moved. 8 skeleton and one revived Moon Lord made the work, my necro just support with Decrep. What supprised me was that Moon Lord solo killed one and half ancients!

2) Baal went down the funniest way I've ever seen. Baal is really a duper, he duped himself against my necro, but he did at wrong location, the real baal and the dupe was self traped at a corner, I didn't even loss my crapy clay golem!

*a side question: what is the highest rune could drop in normal and NM?


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congrats :)

I did the ancients with my hammerdin on players 8 in all difficulties without ever moving :D Oh and I also went for a smoke while my fishymancer's skeletons handled the Big D, on all difficulties and on players 8 again, completely unattended :lol:

I hope you can do the same with your build, sounds like fun either way :D


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I didn't kill hell ancients without moving, they had Might :teeth:

But when my brother visited me couple of months ago, we did a nice trick with his barb:

He was going to kill hell Duriel (on p8) and started fighting. It was SLOW (he uses Rune Master). So we made sure that his barb was in a corner so Duriel couldn't knock him back and used tape to keep mouse button pressed down. Then we went to grocery store. When we came back, Duriel was dead and his barb had full hp :D


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nice work.

no idea about the rune query but i'm pretty sure i had a sheal drop in the bloodyfoothills in normal and i know for sure the hell forge dude dropped me an um in nightmare.