We've reached a new landmark

We've reached a new landmark

At 12:19 this Saturday night of February we read a new landmark in off topic history. The corrupted wish game has hit 1000 posts.

I would like to dedicate this night to me and th who dominated that thread and are the reason it got to the place it is today!!



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*breaks open a bottle of wine to celebrate... get cut by a piece of the broken wine bottle and runs to the hospital...*
gurgle. All that looking and she doesn't even come and say hi. Oh well. I wish smelly or canadian guy were here. They'd join the party.

god I hate the 60 second time limit so much.


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lol grats on makin it so far! I made a few posts, but ran outta wishes lol

who would have guessed that pokemon and bass players could make such an impact


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Congrats on making such a successful creative endeavor out of postcount++!! :D

*runs and ducks for cover*
don't run join us, join us and we will show you the way. We want you to you come with. Please follow me into this white van, I won't hurt you I promise.