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West NL: Value of nec Circle, nec Amu and White

Discussion in 'Trade Values' started by Agathyr, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. Agathyr

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    Feb 22, 2011
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    Hi. Just stumbled across an old Necro I made many years ago and was curious about the valuation of a few items on it. As topic says it's about a circle, an amu and a weapon. It's non ladder on West.
    Stats are as following:

    2 necromancer skill levels
    20 fcr.
    113 enhanced defense
    16 str.
    8 dex.
    86 to mana
    13 all res.
    It's 1 socket with a jewel in it. Not sure what stats the jewel bring.

    2 necromancer skill levels
    10 fcr.
    20 attack rating
    4% life stolen per hit
    20 str.
    18 to mana
    regenerate mana 10%

    White runeword in a wand with the following basic stats:
    3 bone spear
    3 bone spirit
    2 attract
    50% damage to undead

    If i missed out on something please let me know. Sorry for bad english ^^

    Best regards, Agathyr

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