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In the past, this was the first build I successfully took through Normal difficulty without dying once. In fact, in all the time I've ever played Diablo II, the Druid is the only class with which I have never died with yet.

This build is very similar to the Physical Zealot due to the repeated fast attacks, though Fury is much more powerful than Zeal, but with an increased mana cost . Usually, when I make a werewolf, I usually stick with Oak Sage, but this time I used Heart of the Wolverine due to the increased damage and attack rating, which I think was designed for physical druids in mind.

The first skill I focused on pumping was Lycanthropy. Through it all, I got all the other necessary prerequisites and important skills. Once Lycanthropy was maxed, I started pumping Werewolf due to the increased attack speed, but by the time Fury became available, I saw little difference, though the increased attack rating could be useful. Once I max Fury, the next skill to be maxed is Heart of the Wolverine. Then I'll finish pumping Werewolf.

Here is the planned endgame equipment and hireling:

Helmet: Guillaume's Face (increased strength, deadly strike, and crushing blow)
Amulet: Atma's Scarab (chance to cast Amplify Damage. Good for fast repeated attacks like Fury)
Armor: Fortitude Archon Plate (increased damage and resistances)
Weapon: Breath of the Dying Berserker Axe (increased Damge, dual leech, stat increased, attack speed, indestructibility)
Swap Weapon: Call to Arms Flail (debuff purposes)
Shield: Stormshield (increased strength and physical damage resistance)
Swap Shield: Spirit Monarch (increased skill levels for debuff purposes)
Belt: Vergungo's Hearty Coil (increased vitality and physical damage resistance)
Ring 1: Raven Frost (dexterity bonus and cannot be frozen)
Ring 2: Rare Dual Leech Ring
Boots: Gore Rider (deadly strike, crushing blow, and open wounds)
Gloves: Laying of Hands (increased attack speed and damage to demons)

Act 2 Nightmare Offensive
Andariel's Visage (life leech and skill levels to increase level of might aura)
Treachery (increased attack speed, chance to cast fade)
Obedience (crushing blow)

According to my notes, I'll have 27 skill points left when all important skills are maxed. I spent two points to get Carrion Vine which was useful for corpse destruction and life gain. That leaves me with only 25 skill points left. Any suggestions? How does my equipment setup look for both myself and my hireling?


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Your build looks awesome. I don't have a whole lot of advice to improve what you've got, but maybe put some points into a nice Grizzly tank? With all your crushing blow already do you think you need Obedience for the Mercenary? Decrepify from Reaper's Toll would be awesome (understanding you want the Amplify Damage from Atma's, but that would free up the spot for Highlord's or a dual leech amulet).


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If this is PvM, you dont need shield and are better off with 2h: cheap: upped ribby, med: ebotdgpa, expensive: etomb.


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Ditch the Atma's for Highlords and swap your merc's obedience for Reaper's Toll for the decrepify. I put my spare points into pumping cyclone armour, but I'm HC, so you can probably do without it. Definitely go two-handed. Upped ribby is lovely, Oath is also nice. eBotD obviously, if you have the runes for another. Death isn't so bad, the ias from Highlord's may or may not be needed, can't be bothered to check the calculator :p You could be super classy and use a Buriza :D