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Werewolf PvM build

Discussion in 'Druid' started by Necrasaro, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. Necrasaro

    Necrasaro IncGamers Member

    Jun 22, 2003
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    Werewolf PvM build

    The links to the WW builds in the stickie are broken so figured I'd post a topic.

    I quit playing D2 a long time ago and now everything is changed. Friend of mine told me Hell difficulty is alot harder etc..

    I'm just curious what a good WW build is these days, Fury? Feral Rage etc..


    keep in mind since I just restarted from scratch I dont have access to uber items yet. So no builds that revolve around that please.
  2. harley98

    harley98 IncGamers Member

    Nov 20, 2004
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    i have a fury/rabies druid going through hell right now. doing really good too. i'm useing ik (armor, maul, gloves, boots, belt) and jalam's mane. alot of bennies with this set up. i just seem to find ik stuff easier than i can find anything else. with this set up i really dont need rabies but i had it maxed before i got the ik stuff. pi's are no problem either.
  3. Necrasaro

    Necrasaro IncGamers Member

    Jun 22, 2003
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    So you just use Rabies to take out PI's?
  4. foosnark

    foosnark IncGamers Member

    Jun 15, 2005
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    I've got a Rabies/Fury werewolf myself, with maxed Rabies and a few points into Posion Creeper for synergy. He just started NM so hasn't run into PIs yet, and I've not found any IK stuff -- he's using a Shael'd Ripsaw.

    He was only twinked a little bit (I've not done any MF runs, just muled some stuff I found with my Furysin who also only went as far as NM Act 1).

    He's probably my favorite character (though my new Frost Zealot might be catching up). He runs quickly, kills quickly and is almost fearless. If I were ever going to play HC I'd probably make one of these.
  5. Necrasaro

    Necrasaro IncGamers Member

    Jun 22, 2003
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    cool thanks for the help guys.
  6. Rehsa

    Rehsa IncGamers Member

    Jul 21, 2004
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    i am a fury build, was gonna go rabies, but i messed up and put a point into poison creeper on my early stages... should have not and used carrion vine/wind or whatever that gives lvl 21 of the skill for synergy.

    this is my stats/builds currently (lvl 87)

    Jala's (36% EDamage Jewel)
    Angelic Ammy
    Angelic Ring
    Upped "Shaeled" Ribcracker (300-450 damage)
    String of ears belt (perfect)
    "Foritude" Dusk Shroud (was using CoH, and before that i was using a vipermagi)
    Laying of hands Gloves (350% damage to demons = baal dead fast, :p, hoping to try my luck with d-clone soon) (i also use bloodfist (need to upgrade)

    Weapon switch (for PI's only):
    Baranar's Star
    Stormshield (pdiamond in it soon)

    Stats (all including bonus'):
    195 Str
    168 dex
    190 vit
    45 energy

    max wolf
    max lycanthroy
    max fury
    10 Feral Rage (14 including equip bonus')
    1 everything but shockwave/ele skills (i have 1 point in the first fire skill for low lvl
    1 raven
    5 spirit wolves
    5 dire wolves
    5 grizzly
    1 poison (wish i didn't)
    1 oak
    3 heart

    i'm currently pumping heart of wolverine right now for more damage. some people want life, i want damage, so take your pick between the spirits i say.

    my Fury damage:
    3-5k (no aura's or anything)
    with might merc and heart... not sure, too lazy to grab the stats.
    with a bunch of other aura's from pali's, i'm usually 6-10k damage fury

    Feral Rage damage:
    2300-3500 (no aura's or buffs)

    then with the 350% to demons, damage is higher since that's not shown... but the 350% more helps a LOT.

    attack rating:
    fury: 15k
    Feral rage: 14k
    Def: 4114 (once chilling armour goes off from fortitude, def goes up)
    Life 2k
    Resistance in hell: low... but i don't die unless it's a group of 7+ archers with a unique giving them boosts

    I'm currently trying to get str to 200 for damage bonus (every 100), and then going rest vit. also pumping heart spirit.


    My character is tweaked (if it isn't obvious)... but a lot of the basic stuff is CHEAP and easy to get/find as well.

    basic ribcracker - pgems
    string of ears (i always find on on each character i play, i may just be lucky)
    bloodfist gloves (cheap/easy to come by)
    laying of hands (also pretty common)
    angelic rings (simple to get)
    angelic ammy (you might get lucky and find it)
    jala's... cheap, but chance are you wont find unless you're lucky.. ko-lem on West Ladder if i'm not mistaken
    raven frost (stats don't matter a lot, i usually find in nightmare diablo runs)
    gore riders... might wanna go for a more basic boot. aldurs boots, ik boots, infernostride or sanders even work
    armour... find a good +skills unique, i suaully find one when i kill everything i see by mid nightmare, vipermagi is pretty cheap, ghost shroud with +1 skills is cheap. other armour is an option too.

    I'm not saying i'm the best build... that is far from the truth. for PvM, as long as i'm not doing hell sewer runs, i'm usually ok with feral and fury combo.

    I'm also not bad in PvP against other melee's. it's almost always 1 hit kills anyways. fury them, they usually dead if i hit them. sorcs/necro's/amazons or anything ranged/hammerdins, are usually my downfall. i don't PvP much, and usually against other people who don't PvP much either.

    this is what i like, i'm hoping to do some diablo clone hunting... not clue how i'll do...


    Merc Equip:
    CoH Wyrmhide
    perf Vampiregaze
    the unique spear that has like 5% chance to cast weaken... need to get him a better weapon...

    the only thing i've upped is my ribcracker, everything else is in it's origonal form. I thought i was pretty godly with a normal ribcracker... boy was i wrong once i got it upped, i don't know how i thought a normal was good...

    Upped ribcracker can be used by lvl 42, which isn't bad, get killer damage right when you enter nightmare after norm baal runs, :p

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