Werewolf/Fury Druid Eqpt


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Werewolf/Fury Druid Eqpt

I am making a werewolf/fury druid(or rather remaking one the patch screwed up). I was curious on what to use. I already have an 09 ss, 09 schaeffers, silkweaves, crescent moon ammy, bul-kathos ring, raven frost, lava gouts, an .10 gaze, string of ears, and a 09 gladiators bane. I realize that this is not the best gear can anyone tell me what actually is?


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is this for pvp or pvm ?

edit: player vs player OR player vs. monster

welcome ot the forum btw ... not sure if i said that yet :buddies:



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Welcome to the Druid Forum!!! :D :D :D

Well in 1.10 Damage Reduce is limited to 50% instead of 75%, so get a Jalal's Mane instead of Vampire Gaze right there.

You don't need IAS on your gloves, so a pair of Bloodfists for the FHR and Life or something like that will probably help more, or Immortal King's Gauntlets for the huge stat bonus.

For armor, get something with skills, stats, resistances, those kind of things, like Chains of Honor or Enigma if you are rich, or Arkaine's Valor, or Lionheart even.

Good luck!


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drop the schaeffers its not worth it

its like glacialy slow..ull take more than u dish basically

shael bstar is a cheap alternative or a ed/ias/LO ikmaul is also good


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Quite apparent its not on the ladder, but if its pvm 2hand weapons are probably the best bet. Shael Stormspire is an oldie but a goodie. Botd Great Poleaxe is another fun one to use. For those times when you need a shield, shael baranar + ss has always been a good combo. Bonehew would be another cheap option (shael,amn is good for it).
Or a shael-zod eth bonehew, mmmm. Either way, weapons that reach the 5fpa breakpoint, or preferably the 4fpa, will work out best.
shaeled bstar is a good weapon for a wolf. try for a shaeled ethereal bstar (estar) Even at 5 fpa I consistently beat botd, exile, leviathan, blah blah blah zealots with the estar in pvp. PvM just put on a damn buriza and go for it.