WereClaw's FT List


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WereClaw's FT List

Hey guys, I don't have much here but you can't exactly throw away some of these.

Ber or infinity
runes pul+

There are no BINs at the moment so just offer w/e and I'll say something.

In game trade is okay if we can work out a time, mule is best. If you make the mule I'll prolly throw in an essence and junk.

LMK if you need more information on items.
Unique Offensive Mechanisms
Reaper's Toll 201ed
The Oculus
Bonehew 285ed
Hand of Blessed Light 136ed
Titan's Revenge 156ed/(2, 181ed)
Wizardspike x4
Witchwild String 161ed
Life Tap Wans req lv30, level 5 LT 97 Charges
Blood Raven's Charge 226ed/217ed
Flamebellow 236ed
Lycander's Aim 169ed
Demon's Arch 188ed
Carin Shard
Fleshrender 158ed
ETH Heaven's Light 2/299ed
Ondal's Wisdom
ETH Escuta's Temper 16/11
Eschuta's Temper 19/12

Buriza-Do Kyanon 197ed
Rare Maiden Javelin +2 Jav, +2 Amazon, 30 ias, 161ed, 137 atkrating, 6ll, 5ml
Heart Carver
Bloodtree Stump 190ed
Bloodmoon 14ll, 219ed
Messerschmidt's Reaver

Unique Defensive Mechanisms
Thundergod's Vigor 167ed/171ed
String of ears 6ll, 174ed / (7ll,178ed.14,14)
Aranid Mesh 96ed

Steel Shade 109ed
Blackhorn's Face 216ed
Arreat's Face 174ed
Jalal's Mane 156ed
Kira's Guardian 57allres/55allres
Guardian Angel 191ed
Corpsemourn 174ed
Toothrow 177ed

Skin of the Vipermagi 27/9,28/9

Silkweave 176ed/187ed
Waterwalk 54 life
Sandstorm Trek 144ed
Gore Rider 166ed

Homunculous 161ed
Tiamat's Rebuke
Head Hunter's Glory
Lidless Wall - 96ed/99ed/129ed

Frostburn 5 edmg, 19edef
Chance Guard 39mf
Magefist 23ed,25ed, 30ed
Dracul's Grasp 93ed, 105ed
Venom Grip 159ed

Saracen's Chance 12,19
Crecent Moon 11ml/6ll
Facet 4/-5 cold lvl
Facet 5/5 light lvl
15 max dmg jewel lv18
13 max dmg jewel lv18
Raven Frost (248,18)(207/19)

Trang-oul's Armor
M'avina's Belt x2
M'avina's Gloves
Magnus' Skin x3
Whitstan's Guard x2

Tal Rasha's Lidless Eye 2/2/2


Aldur's Weapon
Aldur's Helm
Aldur's Boots

Trang-oul's Wing

Angelic ring + ammy

Grisword's Armor x2
Grisword's Corona

Guillaum's Face x2

Immortal King's Boots
IK Helm
IK's Belt x2
IK Gloves
IK Hammer

Tal Rasha's Mask x2
Tal Rasha's Belt x2
Nat's Boots
Sazabi's Armor
Sazabi's helm

Naj's Puzzler 69 charges
Naj's Circlet

Barb Masteries/ 1-8 lite dmg
Druid Summon
Druid Elemental

Gheed's 96/23/15
Gheed's 103/35/11

Runes and Words Related

Superior Hellforge Plate 12ed, 594def
2os ETH Great Hauberk 714def
3os sup Loricated Mail 531def/7ed
2os Mage Plate 226def
5os Thresher
6os sup Phase Blade 9ed
5os Sup Cryptic Axe 10ed
2os sup Dusk Shroud 524def
4os Eth Scarab Husk 936def

10x Tkeys
6x Hkeys

40 Rals

Dol x4
Sol x12
Ko x3
Io x5
Lem x4
Lum x6
Fal x5

My bankroll:
Stone of Jordan (Legit :D Blue face)
Pul x3
Mal x3
Um x3
Ist x3
Gul x1
Sur x1
Vex x1

Will slowly improve my stuffs :)
:thumbup::cloud9:GOD BLESS J00:cloud9::thumbup:
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Re: WereClaw's FT List

ok on the boots
and the mdr on the Spirit Shroud is 11, I will edit that in, thank you.
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Re: WereClaw's FT List

Bug offered better on HELs, so i will take hel out~

my new offer is IST + 2xUM for below~

Spirit Monarch 171 def, 27 fcr
P Combat


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Re: WereClaw's FT List

30 Hels
50 Rals

Sur rune for these
ok on this offer. I will make mule since There's so much to move.

Bug offered better on HELs, so i will take hel out~

my new offer is IST + 2xUM for below~

Spirit Monarch 171 def, 27 fcr
P Combat
I will give you c/o and close tonight, since Guido is a piece in on the pcomb.




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Re: WereClaw's FT List

36 hours bump with updates to ISO and FT. Shagon King you still have to check you p/m :)


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Re: WereClaw's FT List

24 hrs bump, added many items such as Reaper's Toll, ETH Skullder's, and runes ft. Also 40 more Rals here!
Shagon's trade = completed :)


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Re: WereClaw's FT List

Oh Bekgom, the Pcomb is supposed to be gone :S
sry, failed update.

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