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werebear weapon question

Discussion in 'Druid' started by cmmaret75, May 10, 2017.

  1. cmmaret75

    cmmaret75 Diabloii.Net Member

    Apr 16, 2017
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    So, I'm making a maul werebear build with a grizzly pet. I recently made a doom in a champion axe. Came out alright states. Was wondering if that would make a decent wep and if there is an almighty must have wep for the build. Also, I found a ribcracker the other day. I remember hearing good things about it but I can't remember if it was for druids or not. But as far as other gear:
    Armor: fort
    Helm: jalals
    Amulet: highlands or angelics depending
    Rings: ravenfrost, bk or angelic depending
    Belt: Arachnid
    Gloves: dracs
    Boots: goblin

    Act2 might merc
    Wep:doom grim scythe
    Armor: fort or dragon
    Helm: dream
    20 werebear
    20 lycan
    20 maul
    20 grizzly
    Rest into oak or How
  2. Namtar

    Namtar Diabloii.Net Member

    May 1, 2012
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    There was a similar question about wereform weapons recently:

    I suppose that the most important point is that with non-wereform builds, it is common to use IAS from gear (or less commonly, Fanaticism or Burst of Speed) to target a specific breakpoint, but with wereform, it is often not possible. So the raw speed of the weapon and the on-weapon IAS are vital.

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