Werebear mercenary


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Werebear mercenary

Hi guys i'm making a new werebear, which by the way rocks, and i'm following dragoons guide for the most part, but i have 2 quick questions.

1. Should I use holy freeze or might merc. I will be using shockwave which kinda defeats the purpose of holy freeze, but I dunno right now exactly.

2. Does shockwaves stun duration lower per difficulty, or is it the same throughout?

I thank you for your replies and I hope you all have a great day :).


While I haven't made a bear myself yet (except for trying out a FireClaws bear, but wasn't diggin' it, so I scrapped it) if I had to pick, I'd go for a Might Merc. Depending on what skills you decide to use and what equipment you have for your Merc, having 2 high damage dealers will probably be best for that build. Holy Freeze is a good choice too, as I use it for my Wind Druid, but I think I would personally go for a Might Merc.

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might merc for sure, reasons:
1. might boosts your attack and the merc's attack damage. more damage->more leech back-> last longer
2. its an act2 merc, you would be able to give him some good pikes, eg: reapers toll (which has chance to cast decrepify which will take off any physical immunities), or any other pikes that has chance to cast amplify damage.
3. like you said, shockwave will help you will enough i find, it is more of an advantage to have a might merc instead. however, i always have trouble leveling a might merc with a werebear. if its the same case for you, dont give up, its worth it.
shockwave increases per level, afaik it does not get penalized in higher difficulties.

i hope you will have a great day too :)

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GIR said:
It boosts attack speed? I was unaware of that.
ouch bad habit of mine of saying attack speed, i wasnt even aware i wrote that.

boosts attack damage.

notice i wrote: "more damage->"


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I hate leveling up mercs so I always go with Defience one and is great.The chance to be hit is really,really low.


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There's basically two choices for a PvM Mauler. You either want Might or Defiance. Those are the only two I would bother with for Mercs as a Werebear. Anything without an Aura is useless to me really because that's all they really are for me is an Aura *****.

Blessed Aim - Useless don't need the AR in PvM
Prayer - Again useless, Hunger more than covers you for any Life needed
Thorns - Useless if you have enough Defense, which you should have
Holy Freeze - What's the point of having slowed Monsters if they don't move at all from Shockwave
Might - More Damage is always nice, never really a problem for you, but the Merc can be in some problems if he gets hit/swarmed
Defiance - Keeps you and the Merc alive a lot longer, you will get hit even less/never, and the Merc will live almost always

Those are really the only two I'd bother with for those reasons. And there is no Difficulty Penalty on Shockwave anymore.


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Thx guys for the awesome replies. The only reason i would use holy freeze would have been if shockwave was lowered per dif (i.e. a 10 sec shockwave only being 3 secs, not enough in my mind :) ). I have a defiance merc right now, but i think i'm gonna go with might and if he gets swarmed i'll shockwave the hell out of em and come to his rescue (sounds like it's out of a movie or something lol). Plus the extra damage will help since i'll be using a 2 shael ik maul with ik gloves and boots (for the elemental damage bonuses) so my damage won't be as high as it could. Again thx for the help guys and have a great weekend :).