werebear guides?


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werebear guides?

the werebear guides ive tried t look at are nolonger available..IE: wolfdragoons one mainly.

any help for how to make a bear character would be good...looking for PvP and also PvM if possible...



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For Werebear, you really only have 4 choices- Fireclaws, Maul, Hunger, or Deviant.

Fireclaws is pretty straight forward. You max Fireclaws, and then spend the rest of your points in Lycanthropy, Werebear, Grizzly, Dire Wolves, Oak Sage, Heart of Wolverine, or Synergies. My personal recommendation is that, no matter what you do, always get at least 40-60 points in the Synergies, or else you'd be better off going with Maul.

Maul is another straighforward one. Max Maul, and then spend the rest of the points in Werebear, Lycanthropy, Oak, HoW, Grizzly, or Dire Wolves. My personal preference is to max Maul, Werebear, Lycanthropy, HoW or Oak, and Dire Wolves (to make better tanks), but really it all just comes down to personal preference.

Hunger is a less popular but still fully viable build. The Hunger bear differs from all other bear builds in that he doesn't actually care about his damage output- his only concern is getting the fastest possible attack and then loading up on CB. Hunger is used for two reasons- #1, since damage isn't important, you might as well sacrifice some to get some ridiculous leech values. #2, it's one of the fastest attacks in the entire game (it uses a different animation than normal attacks, and is much faster at the high end). Other skills to boost are Lycan, Oak, Grizzly, Dire, Cyclone Armor, Hurricane, etc.

As far as deviants go, they're anything that doesn't fit into one of the three aforementioned categories. Things like Armageddon Bears are deviants, and are generally unpopular and less effective than the big 3. Another big deviant that I happen to be a huge fan of is a Shockwave Summoner. Basically, it's just a regular Summoner druid who shifts into Werebear form and spams Shockwave to support his minions. Much safer and more effective than your standard, garden variety summoner- and also benefited by the fact that Druids cast up to two frames faster while in bearform than in human form, which makes it a lot easier to spam your minions.

You can find a few more of my thoughts on the subject of werebear builds in this thread.