Werebear barb viable for fun and power?


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Werebear barb viable for fun and power?

Im thinking about making a Werebear barb for fun and having a ton of life. But i have a few questions about it...

1: Can i block with a shield while in werebear form?
2: Is there a armor item with Oak Sage higher than sLvl 2?
3: How high can i expect my life to be after maxed BO, Werebear, and Oak Sage from charged ring after the following gear and charms applied?

Heres my planned gear:
Helm: not sure
Chest: not sure, high defense
Gloves: not sure, 20ias mod
Boots: ?
Belt: dungo or ias mod
Neck: probly highlords or barb rare/craftd
Ring1: absorb or resist
Ring2: absorb or resist or oak sage charge ring (Wisp)
Weapon: ebotdz probly
Shield: stormshield (if i can block in werebear form)
{switch}Weapon1: warcry weapon or doom
{switch}Weapon2: beast (for werebear)

torch, anni
9x warcry [life]
8x sc [20 life/<possibly other mod>]

demon limb for enchant
other resist/absorb gear

Iron Skin [20]
1 Mastery [20]
Battle Orders [20]
Shout [20]
not sure about last 1
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Re: Werebear barb viable for fun and power?

I'm not sure about your gear set up, but I know you can block in werebear.


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Re: Werebear barb viable for fun and power?

i am pretty sure in both wolf and bear form ias outside of weapon will not affect your attack speed at all, so dont need ias from belt and glove....... (but just to be sure, double check it on the druid forums)


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Re: Werebear barb viable for fun and power?

I would go

Helm: Arreat
Chest: Fortitude (Eni For prebuff when turning into bear)
Gloves: Draculs
Boots: Gorerider
Belt: Dungo
Neck: Highlords/Angelic with Maras to pre buff
Ring1: Ravenfrost/Angelic/SOJ or BK for prebuff into bear (every skill counts!)
Ring2: Ravenfrost/Angelic/SOJ or BK for prebuff into bear (every skill counts!)
Weapon: Grief PB/BA, PB for speed, BA for extra range and slightly more damage.
Shield: Stormshield
{switch}Weapon1: Hoto
{switch}Weapon2: Beast (another Hoto or CTA or BO stick to prebuff warcries before going into bear form)

20 Weapon Mastery
20 Iron Skin
20 Battle Orders
20 Shout
1 BC
1 Howl
Rest into Natural resistance and Increased speed
You'll get battered into oblivion by smiters and any decent melee, you'll struggle to catch caster as well. Not a top tier dueller but if you fancy it, go for it, could be fun! You may find your damage a little lacking though as you can transform into the wearbear but it doesnt grant you any skills.


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Re: Werebear barb viable for fun and power?

only smiters can be problem for melee duelling.
i have very good experience with wolfbarb. bear barb will have greater defense and life and worse FHR and AR in comparison. damage will be similar (werebear vs feral)
i recommend using grief pb with 32 ias for 6 fpa or 30 ias with 35 ias from equipment.
with prebuff you can reach level 17 werebear and lycantropy which gives you:
150 % life
162 % damage
105 % defense

for prebuff counts only + all skills from items (shako, coh, spirit, seraph... justto name few which are not mentioned)

aim for at least 86 fhr (bloodfist gloves option, fhr charms, shael in helm)

grief ba is to slow and not worthy sacrifing speed for extra 1 range

weapon option also can be 4 shael griss cady for 4 fpa but much lower damage

life depends pretty much on your prebuff and charms (warcries?), but i have on my wolfbarb around 10 k

ar problem can be also solved with hsarus combo (boots+belt)
recomend shaeling stormshield for better block rate

oak sage will vanish when you switch or remove item providing skill

instead of warcry skill try max-ar-life

good amulet options are cats eye, highlords, angelic, metalgrid, +3 wc for prebuff

ebotd ba is slower and less damaging then grief

skill selection is good, with extras go into natural and increased speed as mentioned in previous post