Were Rune drops buffed beyond 1.13?


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Hey all!

I started playing the game again ~3 weeks ago, after a few years. My last "serious" playthough was in 15/16, where I made a bunch of expensive MF/rune runners and the runewords for them (Enigma, etc). In my last playthrough I played in 1.13d, but I had to reinstall the game and my Diablo 2 CD didn't work this time, so I had to get the installer straight from Bnet, which put me in patch 1.14b (for some reason the game fails to update if I try to log into bnet to get to 1.14d, and I didn't try again since I only play SP anyways).

I decided to take the dust off a few of those characters for a second spin, and I have found Ohm Jah Jah in like 4 days. The Ohm was on sunday, Travincal run #1 with my 2H Zealot. Then I found a Jah yesterday from some monster in Pit (I was aiming to kill only bosses and champions but I don't have enough practice yet so it may have been a common monster), which I did only ~15 runs or so. Then today I took my LF zon to the Cow Level and again in the VERY first run: Jah.

I understand that low odds don't mean I can't get extremely lucky a few times, but it was really surprising to see these drop this easily. I was literally just taking the characters for a spin to remember them, didn't play any of them for even half an hour of dedicated running.

Anyways, am I just having a very lucky week?


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They were significantly changed from 1.12 to 1.13a. No change after.
You were just lucky, it happens :)
Back in my days of playing Bnet (and playing a lot) years ago I had similar streaks once or twice.
This is for monsters who can drop all runes:


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Thanks, Yann! Guess this was an unintended sick brag, then :p

After 20 years with this game treating us so badly with its roulette-spinning mechanics, one has to be suspicious when the game delivers them goodies in such quick sucession, haha.


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I've been seeing a lot of 'daily patterns' in my LK runs at the moment. I know it's RNG, but *puts on conspiracy hat* there must be more to this than just RNG! For example, I'll have days with no runes whatsoever, but uniques are dropping from every poppable or monster I kill in LK (seriously, 2 days ago I even got a double unique drop from 1 poppable, and maybe 14 uniques altogether in 100 runs). Then other days, I find a pul+ rune every 20 runs or so. Yesterday I got 25 ort runes from the superchests in 75ish runs. Crazy!