Well that's just cool


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Well that's just cool

Hey guys, I've been trying to trade for a Vamp Gaze and Shaftstop for my idiot merc for awhile now, and I'm somewhat n00bular, don't have alot of stuff...mostly pgems!

Anyway, I was doing some runs with these guys, and after awhile I ask if anybody has them...one guy has both. I ask him what he's lookin for, he asks what I have, I say pgems, then he clicks on me and puts them in the trade window and clicks on the checkmark and just says "I'll let you know when I need something". That's cool! He's a cool guy. I needed these and it's a show of faith on his part to do that (I won't screw him over). I'm sure he has alot of stuff so shaft/gaze probably isn't huge for him ,but still it's cool. :thumbsup:


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Yea, there are a few nice people left out there.

I myself dont play any more, but I know their out there :)
Excellent. Nice to see you the receiver of such generosity. If only there was more of it.

Make sure when you can, to return the favour to another one day.


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I know peeps helped me out when I started. So, ever since I got some wealth and got spare, I help either my friends out or someone who seems nice.

Although I rather help only my friends 'cause bnet peeps doesn't seem to have nice peeps any more, save for a few. Most of the time when I actually feel generous enough to give stuf, they keep asking for TalArmor, Soj etc.

Well atleast none bothered to ask me for Hrs :D

But on the bright side, there are some nice peeps too (hey, they're not all that bad) I know back when I made TriviaGames with items for Newbies, (most but again not all) peeps were gratefull to get something, even a single Pgem.
And although most peeps join my open games when I'm just doing some single quests on my own and ask for free or help, I had a person once joining my game asking: "You need some help with anything?"


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There are a few nice ppl out there. Like level 90+'s who rush you through hell for nothing. I try and give help when i can in the same way such as free rushes, saving uniques that i dont need until I have enough to give to a mid level to kit them out (e.g frostburns, tals items, lidless would go to a sorc, bonehew and gladiators for someone with a merc), etc.

Most of the time ppl are grateful, and will hopefully spread the joy, but there are lots that keep asking for more and then whisper you after the game has ended.


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Yeah there was a level 90 rushing me. We got to the forge I was going to let him have it. But, he said I can have it even if it was gul. I got io but, it was still nice of him.