Well Rounded WWsin build??


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Well Rounded WWsin build??

Hi, all I need some help with WWsin build and thank you all for reading and helping.

My build consists of mainly 1 item prebuff which is for Enchant used only for Exile pallys/Uber barbs. Otherwise none of my other Equipment/items change.

Hand #1
Helm: Coa 2xJah, 22resis all
Armor: AP Coh
belt: Tgods
Ring: raven
Ring: Dwarf
Glove: Steelrends
Boots: Shadow dancers +2
Ammy: Metalgrid, 30 resis all
Claw wep 1: Chaos Blade Shield Mod
Claw wep 2: Fury Dragon flight Mod
Hand #2
Wep: 6Bo Cta

10x Shadow Disp
6x Fhr scs
1x anni
3x attack/life/dmg scs

HP at lvl 99 about 2700
ATK at lvl 99 about 5k before Enchant, after about 7.5k
DEF at lvl 99 about 5k with Cloak of Shadows (10 points).
50 % damage reduce
Allresis +130, for those pesky -enemy elemental resis Facets/items/curses.
15% Fire absorb at 75 fire resis (Fireball sorcs, Fire traps, Meteor, Fire golem,etc)
20% cold absorb at 75 cold resis(Frozen orb sorcs, Hurricane,etc)
20% Lightning absorb at 85 cold resis(Damn FOH sticks, LS traps, Chain Lightning Sorcs, etc)
Poison Length Reduce by 87% at 75 poison resis(Other Psn WWsins, Poison Nova, Druid Psn Bite, 290s scs, etc)
FHR: 4 frames and could get to 3 with 12%fhr/shadow disp gcs(*This would take months)

All my shadow disciplines skills will be at lvl 18 with 1 click and fade/venom/shadow mastery/ will be at 20.

Claw mastery: Max (Claw dmg/ATK/Critcal), LVL: 37

Claw Block: 19 (With +skils it goes to lvl 36 at 62%Chance to block, requires lv 42 to get 63%CTB) (Blocks almost anything in the game except overtime damage) Lvl: 36

Fade: 17 (With +skills it goes to lvl 36*Note: This is the same as claw block because Fade is a Aura skill and prebuffs work with it and not with Claw block, Resis all 71, curse reduction 87%/psn reduction) (36% DR, good resis, psn/curse reduce, what more u want from 1 freakin skill ??? :p) LvlL 36

Venom: Max (Does 1040-1060 dmg at lvl 39, INSANE DMG OVER .4 SECS BABY!! :p) Lvl: 39

Shadow Mastery: Max (Lvl 39, 2519 hp, 76 all resis) (Elements can't touch her and only Uber exile pallys and barbs can kill her easy, otherwise she does sweet dmg and takes some of the dmg for you) Lvl: 39

1 point wonders from Claw Mods:
Dragon flight: Tele to em baby! Lvl: 6
Blade Shield: PSN dmg 1/4, LL, Deadly strike/Critical Strike. Lvl: 6

Ok, so any comments criticisms?


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There are numerous concerns, all of which can be addressed by a little time researching posts in this forum.

But. Don't JAH your CoA. That's a total waste. In 1.09, JAHing things made sense. In 1.10, damage is simply too high. The 100 or so life you gain from 2 JAHs (life not boostable by battle orders, btw) is sucked instantly by high level fireball, lightning, FoH, etc. You are better off boosting the res.

Also, don't give theoretical stats for level 99. The odds of getting there are slightly south of zero. Those numbers aren't representative of the final build. Level 90 to 92 is much more realistic for MOST people, perhaps going to 94.


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fade takes care of coh, what about bramble and shadow dancers + coa take to much str, unless you plan to go enigma route.