Well an old vet back for more.


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Well an old vet back for more.

Y helo thar. I was once a former Diablo II junkie and now I have came back, I first played online, then single player, now online again.

Well I was never much for PvP I just like collecting items and lvling up chars.

So can you guys suggest a power house PvM build that can solo hell?

Also, I remember my favorite Barb build was called the Titan build, someone back in the day named Rat something made it. Well it used a spear and you invested all points into strength then tried to get gear to raise strength to insane lvls.

You could do massive amounts of damage, this was in the 1.09 days. Is a build like that still viable?

Also, what are the differences betwen 1.09 and 1.11 since I only remember 09. Who got nerfed and who are the new power houses I can exploit to rape the in-game monsters....

Also, my friend is loaning me an account of his with some high lvl chars to help me get going. My brother is gonna play them and help rush me. So since I havent played in forever can someone give me a guide on how to rush a lvl 1 char from start to where I can start lvling up?


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Hi, and welcome back :wave: !

Tons of things have changed since 1.09 :grin: !
Patches 1.10 and 1.11 have greatly increased the balance and difficulty of the game, and have signed the rise of new powerful builds.

Check the class-specific forums for guides on :
- Meteorb (Sorceress)
- Hammerdin (Paladin)
- Summoner (Necromancer)
- Windruid (Druid)
- Trapsin (Assassin)
- Javazon (Amazon)
- ConcBarb (Barbarian)

Meteorbs and Hammerdins are the most popular and can be insanely powerful with high-end gear.

Summoners are, in my opinion, the most versatile and easy build to play when you're new to the patch 1.11, and they don't require expensive gear at first.

- Frosty :cloud9:


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Note that you will find out most of the changes while playing(not rushing).

Interesting contradiction in your message there, you like leveling up chars and finding items and then you ask for a good way to rush.

If you do full clears everywhere you go, you will get enough XP and items to enjoy your Diablo online once again. :)

I'll not stray into advising builds as I personally only play Classic. if you descide to join us on the dark side, I'd be more then happy to advise you some builds with their general focus, leaving room for your own creativity to complete the build any way you see fit.


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Yeah I came back after years out of the game. I took on the summoner build and did well enough to build up some wealth to get a decent MFer.

Its good to start now since its near the end of the ladder season. Try out different builds now in preparation for the next one.

Have fun!


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Titans are still possible... but you'd better do it Softcore, or be prepared to restart a lot ;)


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Baranor said:
Titans are still possible... but you'd better do it Softcore, or be prepared to restart a lot ;)
Some old 1.09 builds still work, assuming you use the right stuff :wink: !

For example, I just finished my NOVA SORC, yes !! :jig:

Back in the days, I had a Lvl 99 Nova/Firewall Sorc, and cowing was the way to get that high !

Now, I'm using Griffon, Infinity on merc, RBF's and Eschuta. She reaches 200% FCR, and she's a true killer :thumbsup: !