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I remember kids that fell out of swing sets, got hurt on the jungle gyms, suffered a strawberry knee skinned on the blackboard, and even just fell down running and sprained their ankles ...

So, considering that the officials had any items in disrepair from the park removed ... is the logic to ban everything?


Oh ...

Perhaps you were just commenting on this article being from your hometown.

Whatever ... ;)


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Holy crap. That playground looks almost exactly like the one from my elementary school back in NY. Even has the tower in the back.

Wow, flashbacks.


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thats a very sinister playground. attacking those poor defenceless children.

I've seen a kid hurt himself when he was alone inside one of those bouncy air castles. honestly. the only way to prevent injury to kids is too not have kids.

Hippie Holocost

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Slinters, twisted ankles, bruises, and blood

The beauty of being a kid.

I remember playgrounds that had concrete as the ground, not that wimpy spongey stuff. I would get my butt kicked all the time, and I turned out just find.

*has seizure and starts speaking in tounges*


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Drosselmeier said:
It's imporant that kids fall down and hurt themselves. That's the only way they'll learn.

Man, this link is interesting, but it is a gateway to pop-up hell.

It also didn't have my favoite piece of playground equipment--the ladder stretched horizontally so you could swing across military monkey style while kids on top stepped on fingers until someone fell and broke an arm. Simple, yet beautiful.


it's at the library--i went there when i was 4, and i still go today, and as said by many it's teh awesomeness. don't be fooled by the list of alternate playgrounds that the origanal link provides--half opf them are fields, and the rest aren't close to town/any bit as good as this one. :clap: :clap: for fear of lawsuits!
So, she just fell? It wasn't some 19 year old rotted piece of wood that crumbled under her, causing her to fall? Makes one wonder why they don't ban trees and sue gravity.


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I wish that when she had gone to a lawyer to speak about this, he had just punched her robbed her and ran away.