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Welcome to Diablo: IncGamers' Forums - Your Questions and Assistance Provided in here

Discussion in 'Site Feedback, Suggestions & Support' started by Elly, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. Elly

    Elly Administrator

    Feb 22, 1997
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    What are the Rules of Diablo: IncGamers' Forums?

    We have our own 10 Commandments that have been in existence since we came online but they have been tweaked and updated over the years as the forum community has grown and community culture has evolved.

    I have a problem using the forums

    We have an FAQ section that is split into three sections as there is actually quite a lot under the hood of a forum.

    The Categories are:

    1. General Forum Usage
    2. Settings and Profile Features
    3. Reading and Posting Messages

    A few useful links though are:

    DIDN'T GET EMAIL? - IncGamers can experience problems getting email to certain providers such as hotmail. We have tried to remedy this problem though the various troubleshooting sections with the providers with little success. If you do receive an email you expect from us check your spam filters in the first instance. If all else fails contact Elly.

    I have a problem with another member, what can I do?

    In the first instance employ your best social skills to try to resolve the conflict. If you feel the member is consistently overly harsh with his responses to you, ignore them. It could be that they are trying to provoke you into a reaction. Ignoring it may take the wind out of their sails.

    You could try emailing them to ask if you've done something to piss them off and explain that you find his responses to you aggressive or rude.

    You could contact the appropriate moderator or admin to ask for a second opinion. Often a moderator will be more familiar with the posting style of members who frequent their forum and it may be that the member in question is generally abrasive and is not giving you special attention. It's still worth bringing it to the attention of the appropriate moderator. We like to accommodate most personality types at IncGamers but if someone is by nature an obnoxious person with limited social skills we'd rather not give them a membership here.

    I have a problem with a moderator

    If you feel you're not getting the assistance you need from a moderator you can PM Elly or if there is a second moderator in that forum contact them.

    If you disagree with something a moderator has done PM them in the first instance. They'll be able to bring you up to speed why they took the action they did. Remember though the Diablo: IncGamers' Forums are not a democracy, moderators' actions aren't put to a vote and they work under their best judgement with the facts to hand.

    Having said that, their PM box is always open to members and they want the forums to be the best place for the Diablo 3 Community to interact so communicate with them if you feel it's needed.

    If after taking the above course of action you are still dissatisfied you can PM Elly.

    I have a problem with an Admin

    As with a moderator bring it to their attention via a PM. There isn't anyone to escalate up to and the Admin's decision is final.

    How do I meet up with other people from IncGamers in game?

    We have community channels in both Americas and Europe region which you are welcome to join. Look for IncGamers, make sure you have English (British) selected.

    Also we have clans, Softcore and Hardcore in both regions, details of those are here.
  2. BobCox2

    BobCox2 IncGamers Member

    May 4, 2008
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    Some links here are dead?
    1. Reading and Posting Messages
    Um - I just ran into the 10,000 char limit on posts
    (Mastery in Copy-Pasta)
    I think you have guides up still that are longer.
    Just saying.
  3. pamelagray

    pamelagray IncGamers Member

    Aug 13, 2014
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    How can I have a signature.?
  4. Jcakes

    Jcakes IncGamers Member

    May 15, 2008
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    you need to become a pal

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