Welcome Thread - What this forum is and isn't for

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Welcome to the forum for members of the official IncGamers Clan and subscribers to the IncGamers Community In-Game Channel.

This forum can be used for:

  • Queries about joining the clan

If you're having problems joining or you don't know how to you can ask in here. If you would like to recommend another person to join do so in here. Often we have waiting lists and so requests that come via the forums, from existing members, will be dealt with first, so it's worth asking.

  • Introductions

If you've just joined the Clan please drop in to the Introduction Thread and say hi. If you want tell us a bit about yourself and also your in game name if it's different from the forums.

  • Arranging games

Sometimes just hopping online and hoping 1-3 others are available to play the type of game you want can be a hit and miss affair. Post in here to make more concrete arrangements - the type of game (horadric cache farming, start new character, rifts etc), difficulty and time.

  • Policy

Although the officers are the members who set clan policy, suggestions from members are welcome.

Not to post in here:

  • General Threads

Please do not post build ideas, guides or queries or news about Diablo 3/Blizzard.

It's not our intention to upset the flow of the forums by filtering useful threads from the general forums into this specialised forum. So please continue to make your threads in the forums you always have.

  • Disputes

If you have a problem with another member that you are unable to resolve yourself rather then leave the clan in a temper or defeat please PM the appropriate officer. There's rarely a conflict that can't be sorted out with a little mediation or advice.


1. Why are there so many Clans for one site?

Blizzard in their infinite wisdom restricted clans to 150 members so we have had to make multiple clans on each server, for Softcore and Hardcore. If at such time Blizzard raise the cap we'll reorganise things.

2. Who are the Clan officers?




Looking for additional officers.


Looking for additional officers.

Looking for additional officers.



Looking for additional officers.



HC East

HC West

HC North

3. What's the In-Game Community Channel?

You can join Community Channels no matter what clan (if any) you are in. You can join as many community channels as you want (but only one clan). Joining the IncGamers Community Channel makes it easier to keep in touch with members in the rest of the IncGamers Clans. So all the US people and all the EU people, no matter what part of the clan they are in can still communicate.

And if you're not in a clan or in another clan but are a visitor to Diablo: IncGamers and would like to be able to chat to others here then join the IncGamers Community Channel.

4. I can't find IncGamers in when I search in game, where are you?

Blizzard set up the Community channel prior to release to secure the name we wanted. Unfortunately they set it up with English (British) language and as most people playing on those servers will have their language set to English we won't be found when searching for 'incgamers'.

You need to change it to English (British) and search again.

We can't change the settings to English as it's bugged! When the bug is fixed we'll change it so English is the Language.
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To search for the IncGamers clans on the Americas server you should search English. I just tried it, searched "incgamers" using just English and the two SC clans & three HC clans all show. Tried searching English (British) and got zero results searching clans.
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