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Welcome to the Diablo: IncGamers Diablo 3 Trade Values Forum

The purpose of this forum is the same as it is with its Diablo 2 counterpart. It's very simple as you'll see detailed below.


  • Get a price check for what you could sell an item for in currency or gold
  • Get a price check for what you should expect to pay for an item in currency or gold.

When creating a thread please be sure to select a prefix. You will find a drop-down box above where you write the title of your thread.

Do not

  • Conduct trades in here
  • Advertise trades you have available on the Auction House
  • Discuss trading in general. For that we have a Diablo 3 Markets Forum.


Bumping (at our descretion) is not allowed before 24 hours have passed. It leads to the closing of a thread, not to be reposted for 24 hours, counted from the time of the closing message.

Following items are not allowed to be either traded nor valued on these forums:

On top of those:

Any hacked item.
Any bugged item.

Relating links:
Europe trade forum rules
America trade forum rules


Currently we have prefixes for Australian Dollars, Euros British Pounds and American Dollars. We may add more if there are members from those regions needing it. If your prefix isn't there simply type it in. If I see lots of them appearing it'll be clear I need to add it to the drop down list.

This forum relies on its members who are traders to evaluate how much items are worth. We don't have a team of valuers so it's very much a community-driven service. If you have the knowledge then please do help with price checks.

Any questions or suggestions are welcome.
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When can you bump your pc thread, if no one answers? :scratchchin: I've already sold a few of the gloves I meant to pc, but it'd be nice to know what is a 'legit' price for the rest, so what are the bumping rules? 24 hours, 48, something else?

Thanks in advance,


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I created a thread and failed to choose a prefix -.- i don't see an option to delete the post or an edit option to add a prefix. Will the thread be deleted? ignored? Should I make a new thread? Thanks :p