Weirdo professor invents poop-to-oil converter


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Weirdo professor invents poop-to-oil converter

National Geographic said:
Pig Manure Converted to Crude Oil

Crude oil and gasoline prices are near an all-time high. But don't despair. One scientist has found an alternative source of energy: pig manure.

Yuanhui Zhang, an agricultural engineering professor at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, has succeeded in turning small batches of hog waste into oil.

The process, called thermochemical conversion, uses heat and pressure to break down carbohydrate materials and turn waste into liquid. The project is still in its infancy.

For now, each half-gallon (two-liter) batch of manure converts to only about 9 ounces (0.26 liter) of oil.

But Zhang believes the conversion process could eventually solve the problem of pollution and odor at modern hog farms, where farmers pay big money to get rid of the waste. And, he says, pig oil could also offer an alternative to petroleum oil.

"If 50 percent of U.S. swine farms adopted this technology, we could see a [U.S.] 1.5-billion-dollar reduction in crude oil imports every year," Zhang said. "And swine producers could see a 10 percent increase in their income—about $10 to $15 per hog."

Pretty cool. That guy will be really rich if this becomes popular.


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Yeah, but what if you get stuck in a traffic jam behind a car isn't running well.


Puck Nutty

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Kawaii said:
Pretty cool. That guy will be really rich if this becomes popular.
Stinking rich, in fact.

I have so many other smarty pants comments I could post in response to this, but the word filter would reach out from my monitor and strangle me.


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superdave said:
was his name master(angelo rossitto) by chance?
"who run barter town?"
Seconded. TDP (Thermal Depolymerization) has already been down this road and is fully successful. Only problem is, well, that it STINKS. The city has filed numerous complaints regarding the smell issue, and from what I can tell has tied the recycling efforts up in state litigation. They (the TDP crew) will have to install high-power air filters to continue work, and have yet to recieve expanded federal tax breaks like those of the biodiesel companies. Check out the plant that is processing the Butterball offal plant in Carthage, MO if you're interested.