Weird pk attempt?


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Weird pk attempt?

Well i was in this baal game and nothin was happening, so i popped over to act one to do some cowing when low and behold the portal is already open, but theres this lvl 80ish sorc in there. i figured i'd be pretty safe so i jump in the shiny red portal and start a'killing some cows.Everything was ok until the sorc started to follow me, she then cast a bliz over my head tped out and went hostile.

Now i was thinking that there was no real threat, beacuse
A) i had moved out from under the bliz
and B) i knew she couldn't enter the portal

what i'd like to know is was i really in any danger from the bliz had i stayed under it, or was i right about their being no real danger? (aside from swarms of cows)



Its not a threat at all. She was probably just trying to scare you into leaving the game or something.


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depends on whether or not BLizzard will go away when you hostile (like GA, Traps, hydra's etc) She was trying to manually tppk you, if blizzard is not designed to go away on hostiling, then yes, you would be in danger, if it is, then no danger.


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I'm pretty sure it disappears, I think we'd see more attempts at blizzard tppks if it didn't, what with being able to hit like 10k damage with -2XX% cold resist


Diabloii.Net Member did not worry entering the red portal when someone else could have easily trapped it? You are either brave or careless :lol: