Weird build idea


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Weird build idea

I was dueling as my windy and i saw someone using one of those druids who sit in town and cast grizzly hoping to kill everyone outside and i got an idea, why not make a druid that uses enigma and a strong grizzly to kill people. Sort of like the necro summoners that use beast.
For example gear could look like:
Druid circ with fcr/resists or Rare pelt with +summon/+griz
Trang gloves
Ur choice of shield
Beast weapon
Cta/lidless on switch
10 summon gcs/ anni

This should produce a really strong bear, plus fant aura will make him very powerful and you could even add an act 2 might merc to further boost his dmg.

Skills would probably be:
20 griz
20 spirit wolves
20 dire wolves
rest into oak or wolverine spirits

this build does sound kinda fun but im wondering about the resists/fcr area of it, not too many sources of those by the gear selection but the build could still be fun. What do u all think?


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Summon Druids are fun, and can be fairly effective, but it's got too many weaknesses to be a really viable PvP build. For instance you will beat NO chargers/zealers/smiters, only terrible WWBarbs, only terrible trappers, only terrible WWsins, only terrible FB sorcs, no orbers, only a terrible blizzer, no windys, no plaguers, no poison necs, not many bone necs, no rabies druids.

What it CAN beat? errr Hammerdins, light sorcs, FoHers, a bowzon that doesnt know strafe exists, some javazons, probably a kicker.

But yeah, they're fun
put a point into shockwave. I can beat zealots and smiters (especially smiters) and most melee, telebomb sorceresses and amazons, amazons are probobly the easiest, and necros are the hardest ones because of bone armor.


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i suggest combining with fast run walk since you can simply run in cirlcles around your bear while he takes swings...

my term for people who send out golems and bears while staying in town is "fishermen"
i wonder if the necro abilitys that bonus their summons also bonus the summons bear from beast. if this were so you could have a pretty great fishing team. Or mabee instead use a high level spirit with the runeword that casts iron golem... or metal grid. How bout a spirit of thorns, metal grid and a bramble, making your bear pretty close to untouchable to melee charecters with that iron maiden?