Weekly Giveaway Thread

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Weekly Giveaway Thread

Post your giveaway items here. Clearly indicate if your items are anything other than 1.10 SC, so there's no confusion.

Previous thread can be found here.

Thank you to our generous donors :clap:


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Socekted items anyone?

I ran this last night on the previous thread, but thought I would transfer it here in case anyone didn't see it. I have been running NM Pindle for a bit here trying to level up before getting into Hell, (still on my first character, a Barb) and was surprised at the number of socketed items I was finding. I figured people may be looking for a particular item to socket whether for MFing, a runeword, or a new character build. Since I have gotten so much stuff from people here, I figured I would see if anyone wants something. I think I will always consider myself a noob, so I hope this hasn't been a waste of space.

Should be self explanatory what each item is and how many sockets:
Some are magical, some rare. The color didn't come through on the cut and paste, so you can go the previous thread to see if something is rare or magical.

1. Taken already

2. Kite Shield (2)

3. Large Shield (3)

4. Pavise (1)


5. Carrion Pelt Plate Mail (1)

6. Dire Pelt Field Plate (1)

7. Field Plate (2)

8. Full Plate Mail (1)

9. Light Plate (3)

10. Ring Mail (3)

11. Rune Pelt (1)

12. Scale Mail (2)

13. Serpentskin Armor (2)

14. Spirit Suit Breast Plate (1)

15. Spirit Wrap Chain Mail (2)

16. Splint Mail (1)

17. Superior Cuirass (2)

18. Superior Ring Mail (3)

19. Tigulated Mail (2)

20. Viper Shell Chain Mail (1)


21. Full Helm (1)

22. Superior Falcon Mask (3)

23. Avenger Guard (1)

24. Superior Jawbone Cap (1)


25. Broad Axe (3)

26. Cleaver (4)

27. Double Axe (3)

28. Double Axe (4)

29. Grim Edge Miltary Pic (2)

30. Large Axe (3)

31. Military Pic (4)

32. Military pic (3)

33. Military Pic (4)

34. Superior bearded ax (4)

35. Tabar (4)


36. Maul (4)

37. Superior great maul (4)

38. War Hammer (4)

39. War hammer (1)


40. Morning Star (1)


41. Grand Sceptor (1)


42. Gnarled Staff (3)


43. Raven Wand (bone Wand) (1)

Hand to Hand

44. Cestus, Plague Razor (2)


45. Superior Kris (3)


46. Battle Scythe (3)

47. Bec-du-corbin (2)

48. Pain Scratch Bec du Corbin (2)

49. Storm Prod Voulge (2)

50. Superior Grim Scythe (2)

51. Voulge (4)


52. Hyperion Spear (2)

53. Raven gutter Spetum (2)

54. Spetum (4)


55. Battle Sword (4)

56. Claymore (3)

57. Crystal Sword (3)

58. Falcata (2)

59. Giant Sword (3)

60. Great Sword (4)

61. Sharp War Sword (3)

62. Skull Mar Crystal Sword (1)

63. Storm Hew Giant Swoard (1)

64. Superior Crystal Sword (2)

65. Superior gothis Sword (1)

66. Zweihander (2)

67. Zweihander (3)


68. Cedar Bow (3)

69. Dire Harp Composite bow (2)

70. Double Bow (2)

71. Edge Bow (3)

72. Hunters Bow (2)

73. Long Battle bow (4)

74. Long Bow (3)

75. Rune Bow (1)

76. Superior Spider bow (3)

Amazon Bow:

77. Matriarchal Bow (1)

78. Superior reflex Bow (4)


79. Cho-Ko-Nu (4)

80. Crossbow (3)


81. Clasp Orb (2)

Please leave the item number with your request, and I'll do what I can to get stuff out ASAP. An email request may be quicker to [email protected]



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uke if you have the following can i please have :

75: Cathan's Seal Ring
140: Frostburn Gauntlets
257: Magefist Light Gauntlets
326: Rusthandle Grand Scepter
362: Skin of the Vipermagi Serpentskin Armor
494: Treads of Cthon Chain Boots

[email protected]


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SPF Giveaway Stash

Well, after the first sending of the SPF Giveaway Stash went off flawlessly, I've decided to do it the same way this week :)

What is the SPF Giveaway Stash? It is an ATMA stash filled with items, donated by members of the SPF, to be given away to other members of the SPF! Every week I send the stash out to 5 people, who can take a few items for themselves. The stash stands at 1000+ items at the moment. Thanks to everyone who donated items!

Here are some rules that we ask that anyone who recieves the stash please try to follow:

Only take what you plan on using
Grail items limited to normal items
Don't take anything you plan on trading
Try to keep the amount of quality items you take within reason so everyone can get something

If you would like to recieve the stash PM your e-mail to me. Once my PM box is full I will start sending the stash. If you recieve the stash you can browse through it, take some items, and then send it back to me, at which point I will send it on to the next person. I will only send the stash out to the 5 people who PM me before my PM box fills, so please don't e-mail me, or post here, for the stash. EDIT: MY PM BOX IS NOW FULL.

If you would like to donate items to the stash, you can send them to me at [email protected] (put something meaningful in the subject)



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SgtPPS said:
uke if you have the following can i please have :

75: Cathan's Seal Ring
140: Frostburn Gauntlets
257: Magefist Light Gauntlets
326: Rusthandle Grand Scepter
362: Skin of the Vipermagi Serpentskin Armor
494: Treads of Cthon Chain Boots

[email protected]
is ur email right? i couldn't send, perhaps yahoo.com?

i got this

<[email protected]>: host nomail.yahoo.com[] said: 550
5.1.2 <[email protected]>... Unsupported mail destination (in reply
to RCPT TO command)

dunno what it means...yeh


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Obviously my idea of saving socketed items for people to use on their lower level builds or MFing, etc.,was mainly a waste of time as only one person has asked for anything. I hate to gamble, as I have done it so much and have never gotten anything worthwhile (six months, and haven't gotten anything I feel was worth it.) so I thought maybe try to help someone out, maybe a noob like me. I was thinking of saving all my stuff that I can't use that sells for the max $ amount, maybe stuff with certain skills people with characters other than my Barb night use.

Would this be a waste of time? I have gotten so much help here that I would like make my small contribution in some way to someone needing help, its just that I don't have all that much yet. What does everyone think? Sell it all and keep trying for some luck gambling, or save stuff to try and give away to make up for all the help I have gotten here?



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my small, mostly useless give away items. grab'em fast before they grow moss

1: Venom Ward
Breast Plate

2: Steelgoad

3: Steeldriver
Great Maul

4: Moonfall
Jagged Star

5: Heart Carver

6: Cathan's Mesh
Chain Mail

7: Iratha's Cord
Heavy Belt

8: Iratha's Cuff
Light Gauntlets

9: Isenhart's Parry
Gothic Shield

10: Sander's Taboo
Heavy Gloves

11: Tancred's Crowbill
Military Pick

12: Tancred's Crowbill
Military Pick

14: The Jade Tan Do

15: Griswold's Edge
Broad Sword

16: Heavenly Garb
Light Plate

17: Magnus' Skin
Sharkskin Gloves

18: Shadowfang
Two-Handed Sword

19: Razortail
Sharkskin Belt

20: Wormskull
Bone Helm

21: Gravenspine
Bone Wand

22: Stormeye
War Scepter

23: Cleglaw's Claw
Small Shield

24: Cleglaw's Claw
Small Shield

25: Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest
Death Mask

26: Nokozan Relic

27: Raven Claw
Long Bow

28: Shadowfang
Two-Handed Sword

29: Berserker's Hatchet
Double Axe

30: Berserker's Headgear

31: Cathan's Mesh
Chain Mail

32: Cleglaw's Pincers
Chain Gloves

33: Isenhart's Case
Breast Plate

34: Isenhart's Case
Breast Plate

35: Isenhart's Horns
Full Helm

36: Isenhart's Lightbrand
Broad Sword

37: Isenhart's Lightbrand
Broad Sword

38: Vidala's Barb
Long Battle Bow

39: Cathan's Mesh
Chain Mail

40: Death's Touch
War Sword

41: Iratha's Collar

42: Milabrega's Orb
Kite Shield

43: Bladebone
Double Axe

44: Bverrit Keep
Tower Shield


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Hi HBeachBabe,

Could I take the following items from your list,

17: Magnus' Skin
Sharkskin Gloves

25: Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest
Death Mask

41: Iratha's Collar


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