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Ok, so it's not technically Wednesday here in NYC just yet, but I thought I'd start the daily for once.

I wish there was more time in the day, between work and school and homework and family stuff, i'm having a hard time finding time to play some D2. And spending the weekend with MM equals no D2 until we can figure out how to play a networked game between my laptop and my dad's PC. Hopefully tomorrow will bring some time....

Wishes of luck and fun to all those who actually have time to play.

~Ula :lady:


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Wednesday here now, for the last 44 minutes. I played a little demo of a game called Sacred. I love it! I'm already converted I think. Gonna play some more today. :clap:


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Sorceress Act II

Just got my new Sorceress, Morraine, past the Arcane Sanctuary in Normal. She's merely level 19. I just twinked her with Stealth armor and bought a +3 Fireball staff. I'm using the Meteororb build order, and it's been a breeze thus far. I have an Occulus and a Frostburn Gauntlets waiting for her when she is ready.

Because of work and my girlfriend, I usually only have about an hour or so a day to devote to Diablo II. Otherwise I'd do more MF runs with my first Patriarch, a level 81 Skelliemancer.


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stuck @ work again, drowned in work and cant seem to get my mind concentrated... Searching for some cool computers on the internet and looking foward to my bbal training tonight...

Anyone played sacred already? Any good? i was planning on playing the demo this week but yeah, dont have a computer anymore :grrr:



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Got my NF clone to champion tonight. I had some problems down where nithlak(sp?) lives. There was something down there that ate through my skellies and merc like they were chew toys. I diverted and lucklily nt was in a different area. (whew) Ancients didn't spawn with anything nasty. It took my merc and skellies about 10 minutes to kill em. Baal and his chronies were not too tough. Baal spawned his clone and that took a little longer to work things out. Didn't get anything good from the drop either.

Now, I'm just working out what I'm gonna do about resistance in hell. I'm down 10-20 in all areas. I don't have three +3 res all sc's. Maybe I'll go back to my 1.09 stash and see what I can roll.

Have fun.

Oh...gonna give that sacred a chance tommorow. Thanks for the info.


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Since i just got my comp back i played alot yesterday.

Lvled my Hammerdin up to around 20-22
Began a new Skelemancer to get Hell Hellforge
Pitted for 2 hours with my MF Ama
Ran NM aNdy with the mentioned Ama for SOJ

No good items came from the runs.

Better luck today i hope :D


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well, what can I say...third day in a row when I'm stuck @ home sick...

If one wants to see anything good in that, then maybe it's the extra time for the Sacred demo, NHL2004 and working on the ladder site with Randall (though once the update forms are done he's getting the credit, as he's the one doing most of the work it seems). But personally I'd rather be able to do something else than be stuck here....

Ah well, being sick just isn't the same than what it used to be when in school :lol:


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Last night, I ran NM Mephisto for a while with my Hammerdin. I don't have a TP ammy/ring, so I'm having to run the map for durance 2 to get to lvl 3. The map's not too bad, though it takes me about 5-10 minutes to get to Meph's durance.

This map is much better than my last, both in drops and WP/door locations.

I got about 3 runs in, but only a few normal uniques.

Will keep it going tonight.... Hopefully I can gamble a TP ammy.


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Hey all,

I got this little beauty to drop:
Blackoak Shield
Small Shield
+10 Dexterity
-10 Vitality
Armor Class 18
-10% Light Radius
High Durability

Oh, did I mention I'm playing D1? Guess I should have :innocent:
Heh, I'll get some more playing in later, and maybe some D2 as well.

Luck to everyone,


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A2M, are you sure a 10 min run time is a good map? Maybe aim for <1 min run to lvl 3?

MM, gotta love the crappy uniques of D1 :)

Borlag, same here 3 day running, hoping to get back to school tomorrow. Its gym day, and I dont wanna miss that.


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Realized that I had a very good map for running several SUs/bosses, so I started running Countess->Andy->Meph->Shenk/Eldritch->Hephasto. I've only done five-six runs so far, but the drops have been spectacular (for me, at least):

Boneweave Boots (dropped from one of the racks outside the countess' chamber)
Grim Helm (ethereal, my def merc more or less ripped it out of my hands)
Martel de Fer
Serpentskin Armor (28)
Linked Mail
Dimensional Blade
Mesh Belt
Ogre Maul

A few lower uniques/sets
Small Charm of Vita (20 life) was a nice find as well

- Shenk/Eldritch/Hephasto/Countess has not dropped anything worth noting. In fact, some of the drops have come from "normal" bosses on the way to Countess.
- No good runes from Countess so far, <Thul
- This takes about 15 minutes on players 1 with my lvl 86 meteorb sorc who has about 200 mf. My map is also suitable for qiuck Baal runs, but my sorc tends to die doing that...


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Finally got my Necro into Hell today - and I'm still using items I found in act 1 normal. Did a bunch of Baal runs in NM but got nothing (not even an Isenhart's case).

My merc has nice items though :D


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well gotr no time at all to play today so didnt do that.

just planning chars is hard with all the study things i do


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Played D2 briefly and got my Assassin to level 62. Full details are in the HC Ladder thread, but it's pretty standard Act 3 NM stuff (kill, kill, revive merc, revive merc, try avoiding repairs as long as possible, etc.).

Not much else done really... where does all the time go...


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Its been a good day :) Took my Hydra/Orb sorc from act 4 nightmare to act 1 Hell with all quests and wps completed along the way. Did my hellforge and got an UM, I was so happy, she is now level 64(?) and doing pretty good. Planning on maybe doing a few baal runs before attempting Hell though.


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I only picked up a unique ornate plate. Anyone know how rare the other parts of the set are? I noticed my skellimancer is taking way less time than my lightning spearazon on any runs. Guess she takes too long for lightning immunes.