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I didn't see thread of the day so I open It

for me great night, the countress drop me a new pul rune and Mephisto is killed by the arrows of ParisArt. Hell is ... Hell in HC !


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and be careful to the new virus WORM_MIMAIL.R mydoom

if you have a mail with : ' can't receive you're post' it's false. don't open and delete


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Welp, after 3 weeks off from work, I get to work again today...1 to 10 shift, whee. Which also means I have to shave again...I so hate that, but oh well. Also means little to no D2 today...which I also hate. Being paid for taking your vacation is so much nicer...too bad I had to take exams during those weeks.


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Hi all,

Last night my HC Ladder Sorc took on and defeated Hell Ancients after a great many town portals were used. Glad to be past them, I'd been postponing it a while in dread of the FE bug. A longer post can be found in the HC Ladder thread if the squid doesn't eat it again. ;)

Have a good day all,

Butz. :teeth:


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good day all

i spent majority of last night playing need for speed underground, i'm up to race 78/111 on hard, but having loads of fun. my mitsubishi eclipse is looking mean with it's custom paint job :D

i did do a couple of Baal, Pindle, Meph and Eldritch runs and got a Sacred Armor off Ventar the Unholy and another Wrist Sword off ol' Baal. i was pretty stoked to find IK Soul Cage, so i'll be hitting Baal with a vengeance tonight

have a great day
:) matt


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i might have fixed a thing that has been a black cloude above my head for months now will probely get a definitve answer tommorow :xsmile:

so thats good been planning out the new build that the AB more or less planted in my brain last time i was there.

ohh well it seem like i will never be done.

ohh i ressurected my mf sorc alva_frost again and has been hitting key targets like mad.

most impressive find was yet another jade talon

so all in all it looks like this will be a good day


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Im quite sure I will make my WW druid Pat today :) Mephy was easy, and I got Ko from Hellforge. I also found Gothic Bow and Elegant Blade and some other uniques/sets while questing. I think IM in Chaos Sanctuary is maybe the hardest part, or some nasty ranged attackers in act 5.

But I must admit WW druid with good gear is easier than I expected :)

Dave in the basement

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Very nice find, Supermatt! Once (if ever) I find the armor, I am making an IK barb. I wish you much success!

I have to head into a dreaded 4 hour meeting, but I wanted to share the highlight from last night:

I swung by the Countess for my usual drop of Els and Elds, but she actually hooked me up with a Fal! That was my first Fal rune, and the second highest rune I had found (the highest being Lem).

Off I go…Happy Hunting!

Dave :D


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Alright, who pressed the Big Red Button marked 'Do Not Press, EVER, And I Really Mean It!'...?

That aside, lectures started again today for me, so I'm having to get back to a schedule where I wake up in the mornings. Of course I still have another exam this week too... :rant:

On the D2 side: fixed the 1.10 FAQ and am hoping to play some more with my HCL assassin tonight.

Have a good day everyone!

Kung Poo

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Good, a daily thread. I couldn't find yesterday's...

Played a bit of my shockadin over the past 2 days, getting him into Normal Act III, up to Lower Kurast. Still have to do the flayer dungeon, but I always leave that until I've leveled a bit (plus, it's just a very annoying quest).

Stupid video card STILL hasn't arrived, and I'm becoming irate. Stupid FedEx.

Hopefully, it'll come today, and I can play Neverwinter Nights. I heard it was good. Anyone played it?



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Well, on my third Baal run last night, I was blessed with a vortex shield! I fell off my seat when I saw that one. Then, 3 hours later, with nothing decent dropping in between, baal was in a giving mood and dropped a Caudaceus! I now own the entire griswolds set, already having the Corona from the pit, and the armor from Meph. All I have to do now is get my new pally high enough to use it. And figure out what to do with 11 sockets....

Item stats:
Griswold's Redemption
One-Hand Damage: 123 to 151
Durability: 39 of 70
Required Dexterity: 56
Required Strength: 78
Required Level: 66
Mace Class - Fastest Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 99
Fingerprint: 0x8a615bde
+206% Enhanced Damage
Requirements -20%
40% Increased Attack Speed
350% Damage to Undead

***Partial Set Item Bonuses***
+2 to Combat Skills (Paladin Only)
+10 to Minimum Damage
+20 to Maximum Damage
***Partial Set Item Bonuses***

Socketed (3: 0 used)

Griswold's Honor
Vortex Shield
Defense: 325
Chance to Block: 64%
Durability: 64 of 90
(Paladin Only)
Required Strength: 148
Required Level: 68
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 99
Fingerprint: 0xc51de699
+20% Increased Chance of Blocking
+108 Defense
All Resistances +45
65% Faster Block Rate
Socketed (3: 0 used)

I feel like a kid at christmas :xparty: :xgift: Cheers!


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A forum crash, re-post my guides, member name change, (was Beatboxer) and a return to some single play for me. (put some realm time it, I want a dueler to PvP with every now and then.)

I was happy to see that Lone_wolf Sniperzon guide. Way cool char, I started her right after reading it. My favorite builds are those you can work on directly from the start. I love playing a wind druid, for instance, but the trudge through the early levels, ugg.

Anyway ya I hope to snipe hell baal within the coming weeks. :)



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Kung Poo said:
Hopefully, it'll come today, and I can play Neverwinter Nights. I heard it was good. Anyone played it?
It is quite good but there's the problem that on my computer it runs very very jerkily. With a shiny new video card you shouldn't have too many problems (I don't have that option though, since laptops are nigh-impossible to upgrade...).

Most of the real fun in NWN comes, I think, from the user-created modules for it and Persistent Worlds (if that's your sort of thing). Needless to say, by the time I get a computer worthy of the game all that will doubtless have disappeared </cynical>


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Snow, snow, snow. We've had about three straight days of snow and ice. Ugh. Still made it to work every day, though.

As for DII, I started what I think is considered a Bonemancer last night. I'm going to specialize in only the Poison and Bone tree, specifically Bone Spear and Bone Spirit + synergies. I'm also gonna drop a couple points in Curses, namely Amplify Damage and Attract, plus the prereqs. For summons, I think I'll go ahead and put a couple points in Clay Golem. It kinda fits with the whole bone/earth specialization....right? Eh, I'm doing it anyway. :)

Got Albrecht up to lvl 9. Can't wait til Bone Spear. For now, I'm having to focus on crappy melee attacks.

On a side note, I dropped my Crescent Moon on a v. 1.09 Zealot of mine. His skills are about as messed up as possible--20 points in Thorns, was I drunk??!--but I'm surprised at how well he does in Hell. The Static Field and Chain Lightning on the Axe is amazing. Thanks to Borlag for the suggestion.


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Got my skelliemancer to Lower Kurast in Nightmare--that's about as far as I could be bothered to go in one session, because I hate Act 3 with a passion. I therefore switched to the Defiance paladin I've been working on and got him far enough to find his Cube in Normal. Most of Sigon's set, a dash of Cathan's set (ring and ammy), plus a rare Cudgel with +25-69 fire damage, means he's mowing stuff down in /Players 5 with almost absurd ease. A defence rating of over 800 (on a level 20 character!) helps a lot, as does 75% block--and he doesn't even have Holy Shield yet!


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Thanks to the snow I have no work today and i get to miss the first section of my taxation class. My first core course went great on monday and hopefully so will my other core course on friday. Yey, I'm on my way to getting my MBA.

On the D2 front, I got my swordassin, Sorsha, to the Kurast Bazzar last night. She found The Centurion Hard Leather Armor . Hopefully with the day off after I do some homework I'll get to play.

~Ula :lady:


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I've been playing around a lot. I've got a lot of projects I'm trying to get out the door: BF assasin, Strafeazon, CL/Fireball sorc, WW druid, Hybridmancer, and Frozen Zealot. Haven't had much luck with the ranged attackers; I'm hoping I can get them out of Act One before I get completely bored with them.

On other notes, I managed to get my hands on a shiny new Pul rune the other day. Upgraded Riphook looks like it's gonna be a lot of fun to play with. :D


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welll i was up all night last night and i made my lance barb from act2 quest1 to act5 quest 2. also found a few elite uniques and set while mf'in with a friends mf'er. (more on that story in the find item thread...not like anyone cares)


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Yey snow.
I got Sorsha to Act 5. Died bunch of times in the Chaos Sanctuary; dang Venom Lords. It took me about an hour to get my original corpse back.
following was nice enough to drop:

Bloodthief Brandistock
Gleamscythe Falchion

Sander's Superstition Bone Wand
Tancred's Crowbill Military Pick
Vidala's Fetlock Light Plated Boots


~Ula :lady:


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Okay, let's try this again... as the first time I got one of those nice DB errors and couldn't get back onto the forum.

Ah how I love the snow [/sarcasm]

Of course, that's what I get for living in New England.

SalmonOfDoom filled in a few more slots in my 1.1 grail, finding Ume's Lament, Blade of Ali Baba :xgrin: , and Crescent Moon ammy. Hopefully tonight and tomorrow will prove fruitful as I Meph some more (no work tomorrow, yay!).

Well, Good Luck all,
Hankering to play some D1.