Wednesday Thread


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Wednesday Thread

Well, dunno if it's too early to post this, as I live in Europe and is't 7:13 and i soon have to go to school but oh well. This will be my offcial "Hi I am back" so here goes: /me says: Hi I am back!...ok, done too much IRC i guess.

Well, I have started a Skelliemancer(like so many other it seems :thumbsup: ) and he is fun to play, but also a bit hard i think. I tried the Sacred demo yesterday, that game looks real good to me.

I hope to complete mormal with my char today, so wish me luck...or somethin'.

A good day to ya all!

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It NEVER to early to post the daily as long as its that certain day is your day.

Well, I just played Nihlathek's Temple in NM with my titanassin. I have reverted to playing portions of the game like a HC character would, and this place truely scared the bejebus out of me.

I knew the vipers were bugged in hell, and I have had first had experience with them in NM. They pack a wallop.

Also, have you ever noticed how FREAKING HUGE those levels are? I gained TWO full levels on /players8, lvls 69 and 70 in there. There was just SO much to kill. And I wasn't even doing full clears!



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I got my Fishymancer past the Nightmare Ancients last night, suprisingly easily. I had expected trouble but all I needed to do was feed my Might Merc a few potions now and then. Today I hope to finish Nightmare and take a look at Hell for the very first time :scared:


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Couldnt find the tuseday tread, so i post it on this one instead :uhhuh:

I was playing some with my ikbarb last night in order to get some more exp (player1 setting) After i killed Eldritch is saw a Tigulated mail And after that i went down to crystaline and started to work my way through. after ive beaten a nasty bosspack i saw something green laying on the ground, and when i looked at it i couldnt believe my eyes. it was a Balrog skin the second one ive ever seen that belongs to the unique or set items. :thanks: So you can imagine the look on my face when i saw what it was. After that there didnt happend much of value, for me last night.


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Hmm, I guess I will run Pit and hell Meph today and also collect some exp for my bowazon in hell Pit. That place is just excellent if you want easy exp, she can clear p8 Pit in ~9 mins and the map isn't good at all. Im very surprised how powerful she is. OF course I have given her very good stuff but still it is astonishing how easily monsters die to her arrows. Also it seems that map keeps dropping Sacred Armors...too bad she doesn't have any MF. Maybe 2000 runs will do the same :D

Have a good day all!



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Good day everyone, my Fishymancer is now lvl 72 and in Act 1 Hell. Due to lack of decent equip for my merc he's dying a lot which is frustrating but over all I'm doing ok. Had to start fresh so dependent on drops for equipment. I also have a Pally and started a Conc. Barb which I play when I get frustrated hehe...I'd like to start a Vegasorc but still waiting for the guide..I've looked everywhere but haven't found it yet. Hope everyone has a safe and profitable day :)

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G'morning. Played some D2 last night, getting Nadia just past Mephisto in NM and into Act IV. Not much to tell, really, except I had about a dozen close calls in the Durance, thanks to those stupid stygian skeleton things. They'd all scurry after me, I'd fire off a FO to get their attention, and in quick succession they'd explode in my face. With my Energy Shield on, my life hung by a thread. Imagine if I didn't use ES. I'd have been dead SO many times. *grumble grumble*

Hope I can play tonight. Peace.



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morning all. Played Natures_Wrath, my wind druid last couple nights. He is overpowering in NM, but died 2x to the ancients (both times it was a fire enhanced 1 hit kill - I had max resistances and cyclone armor that absorbs 750). It was a little disappointing, seeing as I was killing them pretty easy. Finished NM, Ball was no problem, neither were the pit vipers on the way to him. Drop was crap though. Im only lvl 64, so I will probalby stay in NM for a while. I have ~20 skill points and ~100 stat points saved, so maybe Hell wouldn't be that bad?


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Played through the Crystalline Passage and the Frozen River to save Anya. Moved on the Glacial Trail. I'm inching towards lvl 84 with my Avenger, but at players1 is is sooooo slow. I'm afraid to go any higher though. :)

My reward from Anya? It was a lousy Kurast shield with +8 resists and half freeze duration. :(
I've never seen Hell Anya drop such a lousy shield....

I'll keep on tonight. I can taste lvl 84....


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Daily on page 2? *Bump*

I'm no longer doing full clears with my NF Clone. I'm just doing what is necessary and fun. I need to do some mfing soon. If I can get him too meph in Hell before friday I'll enter him in the MF Olympics. I entered the 1.09 Hell Meph, but I think I'm the only contestant. :hanky:

I found Sacred Armour in the Maggot Lair?!?! Seems rather strange, but I'm not complaining. I should get him through ACT II tonight.

Have fun all.


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Took my Fishymancer on through the beginnings of Hell...and while doing the Pit, since I have heard all of the tales coming from there in 1.10, one of the fine fellows down on level 2 dropped me a Demonhead. This is my first elite unique *ever* in the 2 years off and on I have been playing DII.

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