Wednesday-the forum wishes me happiness


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Wednesday-the forum wishes me happiness

Real Life: I got an email from the Diablo II forums wishing me a happy birthday. Kind of weird, but in a nice way...

Spent most of my time lately trying to clear up read tape, getting back in touch with friends and family (some my doing, some theirs), and taking apart two old SCSI CD-ROM drives and enclosures to make one workable one for my old 6100/60 Power Mac. Also, grocery shopping. My toes seems to be slowly growing the toenail back. It seems to rain all the time, nowadays... Have to be careful not to slip on the wet leaves and dislocate my knee again.

Diablo II: Nothing lately, but I hope to, soon.

Hope you all are doing fine and well!



That's great Jude!

RL: Well, my Physics exam today is tough. Although it's multiple choices but i can't find the answers. I ended up shooting most of them instead.. Ah crap!!! Forgotten some formulas also.. Sa sad...

D2: Government exam is 18 days away. so i won't touch D2 until exam is done. but i'll still visit the forum! Can't leave this place!


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Well, happy birthday then!

And watch out for your other knee as well!

RL: Going to make a sort of small table on which my computer monitor can stand. I experience that I am constantly watching down, so a box of 25 cm high should raise it. (25x25x50 cm, let's see if the do-it-yourself shop has wooden board that approximate those measures)

Diablo: Continuing my characters, not much exciting to tell...


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Happy B-day, hope you have a good one!

RL- Just signed my new job-offer, it looks a little better but hey, its all work

D2 - NM Andy with my meteorb, still no luck with a SoJ or Tal's ammy. Will continue later. Playing my Frost Zealot is great fun, espesially late at night as he doesnt require a lot of skill switches. He is SC and in NM A4 right now with no deaths yet. He leaches like a maniac and requires no potions, even mana burn mobs isn't a problem as he reverts back to normal attack and leeches enough mana in 1 shot to resume zeal(2 mana required). I equiped him with a burizo on switch and will test it later in the chaos sanctuary.

Dark Matter

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Happy Birthday Jude :sunny: Hope you have a great day.

RL: Not much atm - at work.

D2: Having a rest after the P3 - I am D2'ed out for the next couple of days.



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Happy birthday Jude!

RL: Work was... trying today. We're understaffed already, and we had a callout, nobody wanted to come in and work extra, even for overtime. So it was pretty much me and one other person. Bleh. Just waiting for my best friend to call me to see if I can't unwind a bit. Oh, and the closing for my loan is tomorrow morning, so yippee!

D2: JerryLeeLewis made it to the River of Flame WP, thinking of firing that up in a minute to see if I can't bring down Big D. FoH is great and I'm loving it so far. I just wish the casting delay wasn't so long!

Catch you all later!


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The cake is in the EMB nubexie no need for the rabid antics.

Congrats on the loan MM and everybody be careful where ever you may be, no more broken feet or dislocated anythings.


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Happy b-day Jude.

RL: Got a ton of junk to do for school right now, think im gonna go crazy.

D2: Got to act 4 nm today. Not much in the way of drops but i might do a few Mephisto runs later for the hell of it.


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Thanks, everybody! :) Just got to read this because the forum was down for a while.



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Happy Birthday, Jude!!!!! Was just thinking about you (that's why I'm here, actually ... now to email you in a minute).

D2 ... the restart goes slowly indeed. Forcing myself to stick with the cookie-cutter Meteorb (although I got bored and started a Fishymancer one day) instead of my usual bouncing among lots of highly-challenged characters. I don't have as much time to play now as I did for a while. Sorcs can be so annoying to start off with. I wander around town saying, "I need mana!" (Not literally, although that would be pretty funny.)

Ok, off to email Jude, then back to read up on the exciting tourneys going on.