Wednesday (or The weekend, so near yet so very, very far!) <


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Wednesday (or The weekend, so near yet so very, very far!)

Last night it was time to take my HCL Skelliemancer out of normal and into his Nightmare, so I did. He reached level 50 and id still progressing quite nicely on /players 8 into the middle of Act I NM, looking forward to getting his Might merc in another half an act!

Have a good day all,

Butz. :teeth:


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I started my Hammerdin yesterday, but i stopped at clvl 15 or so to hunt for Sigon items. Never keep lowlvl stuff, i wish i did..


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Just a short D2 evening for me last night, this is what 4 hours of play got me:
my Necro from Act I to Act III NM
my Javazon from Act I to Act III Hell
my Bowazon from level 80 to level 80 1/2 running Pindle
± 25 million XP for my level 94 Pally doing some Ancient's Way runs.




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Last night, my GF had a "girls-only" diner. So you can imagine the first thing I did when I got home was turning on my computer and launching D2.
Of course I decided to do some Pit runsbut got bored after running them 10-15 times and not seing a single unique or set item.
So I decided to go on questing and finish Act1. I can't remember what Andy droped but I was probably nothing great since I can't recall.
As time flew by, I realised it was time to go pick up my GF and therefore decided to do a fast Pit run.
Boy, O Boy was I right to make that run! Lying there, on the floor, in a pile of goo!:

Harlequin Crest
+2 to All Skills
+1.5 Life per clvl
+1.5 Mana per clvl
+50% Better chance of getting magical item
Physical Damage Taken Reduced by 10%
+2 to All Attributes

Since that time, I promised to myself not to complain EVER again if I don't find anything else during my MF runs.


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hih Orlith, you know, those are pretty common drops in the Pits, the tourney stash (basically giveaway stash) has 6 or 7 of them since no one's wanted 'em :)

Still no D2 for me...getting a bit annoyed, last time I played was last weeks thursday :(


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Borlag said:
hih Orlith, you know, those are pretty common drops in the Pits, the tourney stash (basically giveaway stash) has 6 or 7 of them since no one's wanted 'em :)

Still no D2 for me...getting a bit annoyed, last time I played was last weeks thursday :(
Damn you Borlag, you're such a party pooper! :lol:
Well, I'll got socket it with a Zod, that will make it less common... specialy since it is not ethereal...


Borlag said:
hih Orlith, you know, those are pretty common drops in the Pits, the tourney stash (basically giveaway stash) has 6 or 7 of them since no one's wanted 'em :)

Still no D2 for me...getting a bit annoyed, last time I played was last weeks thursday :(
Hey Borlag, I shall take one.
csarmi, freemail, hu


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I hope I can play at least 3 hours today to make 30 more Pit runs. Then I will post my results to "50 Pit runs"-thread. I really hope I find something nice, my drops yesterday were lousy



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Gyar. What's with these newfangled daily threads? I remember back in my day the daily threads didn't have any fancy titles! They were just the reg'lar ol' day of the week! Also, it wasn't just called a thread for no reason! It was a real piece of thread! All of the writing was so tiny you had to read it with a magnifying glass! But my family was poor so you had to squint!

Damn kids...



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Heh, I wish 4 hours was a short evening of D2. I'm luck if I can get more then 1 hour uninterrupted. Between a 9 1/2 month old, work, and packing for a move, D2 time is way down. Well, managed to get my HC WW Barb from normal to nightmare anyways. Now I just got to take out Normal Baal on players 8 for awhile to get some better equipment.


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Morning all,

I briefly joined d2addict's MP game (1.09). General magic-finding at players64. We got the countess (tower was filled with PI monsters) and Andy before I left. Then I went back to doing experience runs with ClawsOfFury - Pindle's garden, Worlstone Keep, Ancients Way, Halls of Pain and Anguish. She got about 40 million closer to 94 - only 50 million or so to go.


Dave in the basement

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All I managed to do last night was screw up my map seed during some mindless Pindle runs… There go my great Durance and WSK maps…

I may start a thread begging for help with the map seed command, just to see if my maps can be resurrected.

Distraught (yet hopeful!) -

Dave :(


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I ran Hell Mephisto for about an hour or so last night. I probably got between 10-12 runs in. Most notable finds were another Hwanin's Grand Crown and Griswold's Ornate Plate.

I'm finding a load of elite rares, but nothing has been magically delicious yet.

I'd like to boost my MF, but I'm afraid that if I do that, I'll lose my killing power or, more importantly, my living power ;)
So, i'll just keep struggling on with my....cough,, errr..39% MF.

I'm very embarrassed.


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Slowly working my Fishymancer through the game, level 17 now and running the Countess a few times, just for levels and kicks.. and a few runes would be nice too *nods* once I've gone up another level, I'll carry on and try and finish act 1


Kung Poo

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Ehh... didn't play much D2 yesterday. Got my shockadin to the first waypoint in NM Act III, and had my arse handed to me on a plate by the lil' pigmy baddies. Didn't die, but came close many times.

I just don't understand it. This is Nightmare, I shouldn't be having this much trouble with taking damage. My resists are all maxed (lightning is at 82% or so, and poison is at 80%), and my defense is halfway decent, not to mention I always have holy shield activated. Yet... one lil' hit by a flayer takes a quarter of my life??? Granted, I have only about 450 life right now, but geez! And it's not like I can equip much PDR because I'm holding out to equip the entire Disciple set (I'm wearing half of it right now).

Whatever, guess I just hafta trudge through. On the other hand, I'm not used to playing melee in 1.10, as all my other new characters have been mage types or long range.

The wife-to-be is working tonight till 10, I believe, so... I guess that gives me quite a while to play. We'll see. I've been itching to replay Silent Hill 2 and 3 lately, so...

Peace out.



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I ran the pits about 7 times, players3 with my Skelliemancer and nothing, absolutely nothing. I got very depressed and said screw it this ain't the build to run it with so I went back to my Pindle/Baal series (where the gloams kill me every other game if I'm not careful) and what do you know the first Pindle drop is a Tiara (53 res, *shrug*, my first so who cares). Then first Baal drop (after of course the usual gloam death and screams and curses) was a Tomahawk (a side note, is this useful for any builds, I like the 50% OW, but the DS doesn't work for kickers and damage isn't high enough for my Avenger, with a B-star). After that I started a Vega-Sorc, cause I have an Occy and a few other nicies laying around and who doesn't like Teleport. I TA for 8 hours tonight so I'll see ya all later.


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After much work and a few trips to town for potions and resurecting his merc, and an unfortunate death to the infector of souls (I got too agressive)my hammerdin finally cleared the chaos sancturary.

A couple of days ago I had read MongoJerry's account of the pacifast necro, and that Diablo's pink lightening did not affect characters in melee range. It was news to me at any rate. So, after switching to /players1, I walked up to D and tanked him. The pink lightening went over my head, and then he died before he could do anything else. I was stunned at how quick he went down. :yep: My merc was not even singed.

He got his revenge though, nothing dropped but some junk rares.

I did get an um from the hellforge, my highest rune yet! Made up a bit for the el from the countess.




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Hey all,

Started my hammerdin Bob the other night, and decided to run Bishibosh for some TC3s as soon as I hit lvl 12 (charge and Angelic set(mmm, 140%mf(mmm, parenthesis))). I got a buckler, which was nice, but I also got a triple durability boots, which confused me, because Bish is lvl 7 and the ilvl of Hotspur as listed on d2net is 7, so shouldn't it have dropped?

Anyone out there know which TC3 uniques and sets Bish can/can't drop? Aside from the obvious Tancred's hobnails....

Oh, got a quilted armor from some random monster in the stony fields... that's 2 completed sets in one night. :D