Wednesday - happy birthday watet_moon!

Wednesday - happy birthday watet_moon!

Well tis wednesday, and its about lunchtime where i am now, so i'm going to eat. Already done about half hour of pindle running with my blizz sorc, but diidnt find anything of note.
*gets a world famous chef to bake the perfect cookie for water_moon, but finds out that water_moon's cookies are nicer, so eats them instead.*
EDIT: Oh poo, i spelt her name wrong in the title. AE/krem, can you just change that before she see's it?


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Hey Bob who is watet_moon??

Well I recieved my trades yesterday for my defensive aura paladin, I am looking at using poison on my melee attack and the 25% poison damage from trangs gloves to boost the damage to a respectable amount. It should work out well, 600-800 poison damage over 5-10 seconds depending on how I stack the sources up.

I have also been working a bit on the single tree guide, I got the typical builds section done and started on how the single tree builds are different and more challenging and why. Next will come working with the trees and what skills work well/work poorly. It's going to be a long project and probably take a few months to complete.


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sounds egyptian to me. Watet moon...hmmmm.

happy birthday!!!! she probably wont be on as we all know goltar will wine and dine her.

played d1 today. Garbad is t3h 3vil


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Tanjôbi omedetô (happy birthday), Water_Moon san :clap: !

corax said:
sounds egyptian to me. Watet moon...hmmmm.
Watet_Moon was the egipcian godess of fertility, werebeasts and lakes, or something like that, if I remember well. Water_Moon is our godess of cookies and culinary :D . Continue doing these wonderfull cookies, Water_Moon san!


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You've still got about two hours before she wakes up, and then at least half an hour before she gets online, probably longer, for the title to be corrected.. Though with my inability to stand something being misspelled, I'll probably accidentally tell her before she finds it anyway. She's getting some of her birthday wining (not really, she hasn't requested it, and I don't drink anything alcoholic) and dining today, but most this weekend with the U2 concert and a trip to San Jose/San Francisco. I won't even be dragging her to many places I want to go, it's pretty much completely her trip (the joys of shopping). Anyway, I have to get my D2 in this morning, as I probably won't get much later today.


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Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, water_moon! ;)

Say, bob, have you found anything good in the last time? Well, you said no, but that's wierd, you snatched some of my WF... I didn't find anything good yesterday... :D
You better not have given me some faulty WF!
Having said that, i did find another eth hone sundan about 20 minutes ago. i seem to have good luck with those. found 3 of them, 2 of which are eth.


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Happy birthday Water Moon!!! Hope you have a very nice day, cause you deserve it for being such a very nice person:)

Both my meteorb and Javazon are nearing matriarch status, although it's kind of slow going right now:( Tried out my Heaven's Light on my Holy Shock paladin and it worked wonders, although he still get's his ass kicked:(


Happy Birthday, Water Moon! To celebrate and set the tone for the next year of your life, might I suggest you shave your head? I think you'll be pleased with the results.

- Noodle
Just got Pavarotti, my singing barb, through act 4 hell. CS took about 20 inutes to kill, most of which was without my merc, who i ddint want to spend 50k for him to die in the next big boss pack. Diablo himself went down slowly, but he wasnt too much trouble. my mercs tomb reaver helped alot with the decrep, and although he doesnt stun from my war cry, he does still take a fair bit of damage. His fire fire attacks hurt though, especially the one where it spreads out on the ground. the lightning hose didnt hurt much at all. And my prize?
Veil of Steel
Spired Helm
Defense: 396
Durability: 26 of 60
Required Strength: 192
Required Level: 73
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 94
Fingerprint: 0xb43d139c
+15 to Strength
+15 to Vitality
+60% Enhanced Defense
+140 Defense
All Resistances +50
+20 Maximum Durability
-4 to Light Radius

Not too bad, hadn't got 1 before, so cant complain.

slappy sam

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Happy birthday water_moon! I envy you so much because you get to go see u2. They are my favorite band and I'd love to see them on their tour. I'm looking into getting tickets for the May 28th show, which is, coincidentally, the day before my birthday. Unfortunately, the ticket prices are steep, ranging from $250(I don't know what kind of seats these are... just the floor I think actually) to $12,500 (well, these are suite seats :p ). Obviously I'm looking at anything around $300 or below, but I would like to get a good deal with some decent seats. Have a super awesome time :thumbsup:

P. S. - I haven't been able to log on to rpgforums for over a week now, and I still can't on my own computer. Right now I'm in Creative Imaging class in school and I have some free time so I figured I'd try to log in and voila! Dunno why it won't work at home though... maybe something with cookies? :confused:


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Noodle said:
Happy Birthday, Water Moon! To celebrate and set the tone for the next year of your life, might I suggest you shave your head? I think you'll be pleased with the results.

- Noodle
Ummm, no thanks. I like my long hair.

Thank you all for the good wishes. BTW, I don't sleep that late, goltar just made me stay in bed until he could bring up some (from a package) muffins. They were yummy anyway.

Vargas, thanks for saying I'm a cookie goddess, does that mean I'm the new domestic goddess? I'm better than Martha because I make yummies and not the goofy crafts, I'm nicer, and I don't break the law with insider info (Or if I did I could claim it ws my leet econ skills not inside info.)

I won't be here long, I just wanted to stop by and say hi, anybody who wants to can get some of the baking largess in the EMB.

ps. FB you know I'm not gonna rib you for misspelling, I do it often enough.

pps. the only reason we got U2 tickets at all ws becuase we were in the fan club, cheaper, better seats, first chance at them, all for just $40 a year. By the way, some one said the other dy to log in on the main page and then navigate to the SPF, but here's an extra special cookie anyway.


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farting bob said:
*hugs water_moon*
Forgot about you goign to U2. when is that? or has it been? either way, m jelous.
It's this weekend, incidentally goltar is trying to get as much playing as possible in since we'll be gone Sat & Sun.
@ Pinky we plan on going to Giradelli square and Pier 39. Chocolate and shopping, can't go wrong.